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Our Fellowship consists of a dedicated family of loyal Christian believers who congregate on the weekly Sabbath (Saturday), commencing at 10.30 am, and concluding at approximately 12.15 pm, We have the pleasure of using the fine facilities of the Slacks Creek Progress Hall's rear Meeting room.  Address: 151 to 153 Barbaralla Drive Springwood . We have a traditional service of music, sermon, prayer, Children's message, sharing, laying on of hands and the ladies do a short presentation.

After our worship service, we enjoyment of hot & cold drinks, For all those wishing to stay on for more spiritual refreshment and stimulating discussion we then conduct an informal and interactive Bible Study for 30-45 minutes. The Bible Study normally concludes around 1.45 pm.

When we have young children present and the resources available, we begin the service with a special children's lesson, this is generally led by Barbara.

CESA also meets on the 1st Sabbath of every month at the Springwood Community hall Cnr Vanessa Av and Cinderella Drive Springwood.

This special service regularly brings together, for worship, friends and family from Toowoomba, Maryborough, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Beerwah and other regions.

This service is followed by light refreshment or a Pot Luck luncheon which is prepared by our generous friends. This allows time for fellowship and especially time to get to know visitors and renew many old acquaintances.

The highlight of this service is a DVD or video presentation from C. E. M. (Christian Educational Ministries of Tyler Texas USA). The primary speaker for these messages is Ronald Dart who is also backed up by a fine team.

FIG Overview of core values, we believe.

Fig Meeting schedule.

FiG's weekly Sabbath meeting will be at 10.30 am at the Slacks Creek Progress Hall (Rear Meeting Room)   15th and 22nd December at 151 to 153 Barbaralla Drive Springwood. 

FiG will every 2nd Sabbath of the month13th October, we have a bible study followed by lunch at the Springwood Lions club after services.

Fellowship in God outreach Programme

Our Fellowship is proud to be actively involved in the sponsorship of trainee ministers at the Malawi college, which provides the trainees the basic necessities of life & provides them with the opportunity to learn how to Pastor & teach their people about the Christian way of life, Along with the pastoral training they are also taught basic horticultural techniques & a broad range of trade skills such as carpentry, motor & diesel mechanics, brick laying and the like, The course is a three year diploma, FIG, also sponsors the digging of wells, when the funds are available, so that clean water is available, and also the cost of corrugated iron roofing on new churches.

For any information on, or helpful donations to aid this worthy organizations, please feel free to contact FIG on the email at the bottom of this web page, Thank you

With many thanks to John and Rebecca Klassek, the feast of Tabernacles 2013 photos are available through message week web page, a link below [in the boxes below re click here] has been added to link with Message week for your viewing, just click on the 1st photo to view, there is also a link http://www.message7.org/  to the message week web page, please enjoy the wonderful memories.

To view Photos and report on Malawi. 

To view FIG'S Overview of Core Values.  

To view the 2008-2018 feast dates.  

A wonderful message about the bond of  motherhood

The Bible through the eyes of a child.    

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Auntie Bees Lessons   

 Feast of tabernacles 2013 pictures link below





   Please visit our good friend's John and Rebecca Klassek's web site  http://www.message7.org/    Anyone wanting a CD of "Rivers of Living Water". please contact Barbara on the email at the bottom of the page, this message John Klassek gave at the Feast of Tabernacles 2009, also a copy of Message week, this CD features a selection of short message week films and is provided free of charge, also you can go to John Klassek's homepage by following the link above, there are numerous messages there.

Anyone looking for a special bible version, such as The Amplified bible, NASB, etc, please go to to this web site, there are 21 different versions of bibles, as well as bibles in other languages



                                  Christian Educational Services Australia.

Please follow the below link, to view the web page of our Brothers at C.E.S.A. [Christian Education Service Australia], anyone interested in CD or DVD sermons of Ronald Dart, or wanting to know more about CESA, please follow this link www.cesa.org.au   just send your details and where to send the discs to, we look forward to hear from you,---also C.E.S.A. is non denominational. and all are welcome, and a special children's lesson is given each Sabbath for children, if you are interested in knowing more about C.E.S.A. please email us through the C.E.S.A. link above.

FIG would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, if you would like to let us know what you thought about our page, we would appreciate it, because it is only through feedback from visitors that a web page can be improved, if you would like to know more about FIG, please email us through the email icons below, we thank you for your visit, and invite you to visit us again here anytime.

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