DAY 1             SILVER                       GOD’S BRILLIANT IDEA

 Olympic Games. Wasn’t it exciting…?  What was the best part? We have own Olympic Games. We are going to have one tonight so be ready.

 What does this make you think of?  Yes it is the symbol of the Olympic Games?   Five rings. Whenever you see these rings like this it makes you think of the Olympic Games. What does this symbol remind you of?  Right.  So a symbol is a picture that reminds you of or makes you think of something else.  People even use symbols as words.  Do you remember other symbols we have done in other Feats?  Jesus was Light of the world, bread of life, Living water etc.  Last year we talked about the armour. Do you remember Luke in his armour?  He looked great didn’t he?  Remember how if you used your shield of faith in Jesus like a Roman soldier used his shield to protect him in battle you would be safe from Satan’s fiery darts.

 Who likes stories?  I do. I loved stories when I was a kid. My favourite was The Faraway Tree.  My son’s was “Big Ted. Little Ted” It was about two bears named Big Ted and Little cause both their names were Ted.  We read that story about six hundred times. If we said one word wrong he knew and we were in big time trouble.  Now every one has a story to tell.  The story of their life.  I grew up in a small town, broke my arm four times in one year, had two brothers and two sisters, am a pharmacist, had two kids and a husband. I love The Lord and I love dogs and have had nine dogs in my life.  That is my story.

 This year we will work through God’s story.  We are going to use symbols too. So I will tell you a story each day about something you will know about so that you can get an idea about God’s story. Each day I will tell part of that story and each day we will use a different colour. You need to guess what colour each day is and what it means.  There will be all sorts of clues and there is a Gold medal for who can guess first.

Today is ?????

 Some of the adults may question my theology here but this is a story for us simple folk. us kids.

 Now God’s story.  It is His story… history.  Now God was at home one day with His son and they felt a bit lonely.  They got on really well and never had a blue about anything cause WHATEVER God thought the son did too and if Dad wanted ANTHING done, his son was more than happy to do it. So they were good mates. But they got a bit lonely at times with just to two of them in the whole universe.  I mean it doesn’t matter how much you love someone after a while you get to know everything about them and things get a bit boring even if you have a universe to manage. So God had an idea!!!  They decided to get a pet.  They didn’t need a pet they just thought it would be a good idea.

 Luke also has an idea: What is your idea?

“I want to get a bike”


So I can ride to places etc….

Wow that will be lots of fun.  What will you do to get it?

“Find out what bikes I can get for my money and see which one is best. I have to have a pump for the tyres and somewhere to keep it and see if it is OK with Mum.”

How are you going to do that?

 Now who has a pet?

 What sort do you have?

 Who loves their pet?

 Why do people have pets?  What is it about your pet that you love? 

 Here is had a sheet of cardboard where I wrote up these words when the kids gave me a concept near it. It wasn’t in the order they are written here.


Your pet is always there to keep you company.  A dog follows you when you are playing or doing stuff. A cat sits on your lap when you are watching TV.  You are never lonely when you have a pet with you.


You love your pet and he loves you. So the love goes round and around. The love you have for your pet is a two way street unless you are silly enough to have a cat. You feel upset when your pet is hurt.  Our dogs always wanted to be on the bed with us when we were sick or would want to lick a cut on our leg, which is their way of dealing with these things.  One of our birds would come to me when I was upset and say “Wov you” and chew my ear.  So the affection, the fun, the love and the problems go two ways


We enjoy having pets.  They are fun. They make us laugh.  They can be so interesting in what they can learn and what they do.  My dog catches a ball.  The other one chases them. Then the big dog chases the small one.  They enjoy the fun. So do we.  How do you enjoy your pets?


Everyone thinks that their pet is adorable no matter how ugly they look.  I know people who like bull terriers and even cats etc.  So even if I think your pet is revolting you will think it is adorable.  That means you get pleasure out of seeing them and want to hug them or pat them or have some sort of contact with them. I know people who can scratch the tummies of their fish.


We are able to teach them all sorts of things, things that are important for their safety, how to work then fun things like begging or rolling over.  Some pets are harder to teach than others like cats or fish.  It is really interesting and rewarding to see a pet learn new things.  It makes it easier to have a relationship with them.


It is fascinating to see how a dog works or a cat stalks a bird or washes itself. My sister had a pet kangaroo and it used to come to her and pull her hand when it wanted its breakfast.  Some fish build nests to raise their babies. Crabs change shells when the get too big for the one they have.  Have you ever seen a carpet snake take a mouse from its owners hand and then see it slide all the way down.  Now that is interesting. Pose it a problem and watch or help it solve it.  That can be really interesting.


Lots of pets also do work.  Dogs especially> Can you tell me some of the jobs dogs do Their owners have taught them to do all sorts of jobs.  Guard dog. Sheep dog. Sniffer dogs.  Bombs, fruit, drugs, people buried after earthquakes.  Birds too. Falconery. Keeping pigeons off the town hall. Geese as guard dogs.  Cormorants for fishing.  My uncle kept a carpet snake in his roof to keep the bush rats out. What do cats so?


They are just nice t have about.

So for all these reasons God and Jesus decided that they wanted a companion.  Someone to keep them company but it had to be more than a pet cause while pets are great they cannot meet all our needs.  A dog can play with you but he cannot give you a cuddle. A bird can talk to you but it is hard to have a conversation.  A fish make you feel relaxed but it is hard to go walking with them. Now a snake can give you a cuddle but he can’t talk to you.  As for cats!!!  So God needed something more than an animal.  He wanted someone like Him. Someone that could relate to Him in all areas. Someone He could talk to and reason with. Someone who would understand Him Someone He could teach all sorts of things to.  It quite exciting.

But God had to have somewhere for this new companion to live. He couldn’t live in heaven where God was cause there is no floor there.  So what did we have to do when we know we are about to get a pet?  We had to make sure they have somewhere to live and have everything they will need to be comfortable and safe.  What things do pets need?

Food, water, somewhere warm and safe to sleep, toys, worm tablets, vaccinations. Brushes to keep them clean.  We don’t get our pet until we have all this stuff organised do we.  It is so exciting when you know a pet is coming.

So what did God do to make a place for His pet? 

Tomorrow: What will we talk about?  What colour do you think it will be?

                                                      DAY 2 GREEN

                                                  DAYS OF CREATION    

 Ok so what colour is it today?

What did we learn yesterday?  Yes God wanted a pet so what do you think He will be doing today.

Yep making the enclosure and then when that was ready getting his pet.  Wow what an exciting day for God.  Do you think He God was excited at the idea He had had become real?  I do.

What about you Luke?   How did you go making your idea work?  What did Mum say?  Great.  Did you find somewhere to keep the bike?  “I have to clean out the shed and take the rubbish to the dump. When that is done I can get the bike but I have to get a chain to lock it up too to keep it safe ”  Ok Great. So let us know when that is all done.

Now on the way home from the last Feast I picked up my new puppy from the airport. Before I went away my husband made the enclosure for her to live in.  He disappeared on morning with the trailer on the back of the car to that mystical place that men visit called Bunnings and came back with this great big mass of stuff.  He took it off the trailer and sorted it into the types of things they were like wood and wire and nuts and bolts and paint. Then he made the frame and put the wire on it.  The he made the attachments onto the wall and then he painted it.  I got her food dish and the water dish and the bed and found so old blankets and sheets for the bed. I made sure we had food and tablets for the heartworm and the flea collar. She plenty of room to run and fences to keep her away from danger so she would be safe. When we got home we put Brandy into her new enclosure and she was so happy cause she had a home with everything she needed

                                                                        DAY 1

In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth.  He said “Let there be light and there was light.  No one really knows how He did this but we do know that matter and light are interchangeable.  Maybe this form of light was what we call energy cause He separated it into light darkness. What do you reckon He called these two bits?  That was pretty big job cause it took all the first day so at the end of His first period of light He decided He had it right so stopped.  He said it was Good. That was the first day.

DAY 2            

Next day he made a thing called The Firmament. Now I don’t know what this was but

He had this water which He separated so some was above this Firmament and

Some was below.  The stuff above He called Heaven that was where He would now

going to live and it was separate from the stuff He was going to make earth with.  It

was pretty big day making His place so He finished when He saw He had done a

good job.

        DAY 3                        

Then He got all this water under the firmament into one place and whipped up some

dry land. What do you think He called the land?  Earth and the water?  So now He can

start landscaping this place.  It was going to be so nice. There were plants that grew

seeds and herbs and fruit trees all over the place and it was cool and moist.  Not

hot or cold cause some people think that there was a layer of water around the earth

that keep it really moist like a hot house effect and this is what made the rain at

Noah’s flood.  There wasn’t rain on the earth till then because of this.  When God saw

it was good He stopped.

DAY 4            

Then He made the lights in the heaven.   What are they?  Sun and moon.  One to mange the day and the other to manage the night.  But they were also to help His new communion to know where he was in time so he would know when the Feasts were on and what season it was so he could plant and grow his food. But these were made after the plants.  How could the plants live without light?  Plants need light.  What was the light to keep them alive?  He was.  But we will learn more about that later. When He had done the job right He stopped

                                                                       DAY 5            

This day He made the fish and birds

                                                                       DAY 6            

This day He did the animals and creeping things. What a fun day. Guinea pigs?  Ticks?

                        Then He set the rules.   Eat grass, have fun, multiply.

He was really pleased cause He had got it all set up just right. I reckon He would have been excited.  He had his pet enclosure with everything they would need.  He could now make His pet.

 So He made man.  He took some clay from the earth and shaped it into a man and then He breathed life into it.  It became a living creature, a soul.  The man was created in God’s image. Our pets can never meet all our needs but God’s companion could meet all of God’s needs.  He would be just like God. He could talk with God and walk with Him and laugh with Him and learn from Him and debate with Him and God would get great pleasure out of having him around.  and he was supposed to enjoy being around God too.

 Now man was not designed just to sit around and chat with God.  He had stuff to do.  He had to cultivate and care for the garden that God has made.  I’m not sure what that meant but I guess he would have had to grow his food and maybe if vines got too big and were covering other plants her would have to cut them back.  Maybe prune the roses or shape the azelias.  All the fun things of the garden.  There were no thistles or thorns so that made it easy.  I wonder were there weeds?

 God made one other rule for humans.  They mustn’t eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the centre of the garden.  They could eat EVEYRYTHING else but not that one tree.   God knew that because Adam was created in God’s image and God is good, they knew only good, so in reality by eating of this tree of the knowledge of good AND evil, they would learn only evil.

 What happened when He released Adam in the enclosure?  Adam was lonely like God had been.  He had named all the animals etc but he couldn’t find any of them who suited him.  Dogs can run and play and lick you.  Birds can talk and kiss you but you can’t wrestle a bird.  Fish are amusing and relax you.  Cats do nothing!!!!!

 So God had a problem already.    His pet was crying because he was lonely. 

What did God do?     Gave him a companion wife




            Eve – mother of all       

God took her a rib from his side and formed the woman. He took it from his side so she could be his companion.  Not from his head so she would dominate Adam, nor his feet so Adam would dominate her but from his side, close to his heart cause that was where she was to walk all their life.

 The Adam was happy!!!!  And so was God.  He could settle back and spend a lovely Sabbath day the next day with His new friends.  God was really looking forward to that. He would meet with them in the evening for a chat and it would be watching them grow and discover their new pet enclosure with all the lovely surprises He had made for them.  There was so much to see and do. The only danger was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  God was really looking forward to His Sabbath rest


                                                                  DAY 7                        

                                                           What did He do?

                                      How is that Bike going Luke?  Bring in the bike.

                            DAY 3             BLACK                   GOD’S BLACK DAY

 What does the colour stand for?  When do we wear black? At funerals.            Black is the colour we use when we think of difficult things.  Black storm clouds, Bruises Black eyes.  When you are dead you go black.  Yuck.  So black usually says “Bad news” Does this apply to people with black skins?   Of course not!!!  Black is just a skin colour like pink and red and yellow and brown and grey. When you look at people they say are black they are really brown. You can even get blue skin.  I have mottled brown skin.  What do you have?

 So back to His story.  Every thing in the garden was rosy, the plants were all growing beautifully, there were flowers and fruit and creeks and pools and rivers. The animals had all been named and were off being fruitful like they had been told to. They were not afraid of Adam and Eve so they could ride a rhinoceros or tumble with a tiger so after a time Adam and Eve were hungry.  There were two special trees in the middle of the garden; the tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  There was one special creature in the garden that could talk. We don’t know what it looked like but we can guess who it turns out to be.  Satan.  What do we know about him?  Was he ugly? Scary?  I don't think so.  If he were evil looking or awful Eve would not have listened to him. I think he looked just like a normal animal.  Things of Satan always look good at first.

 Well he started straight into her by asking her a leading question. That is a question that leads you to think something without you realising it.  He said, “So God has told you not to eat from any tree in the garden?”  I mean this was a lie right from the beginning.  Just what you would expect from him!  She said “No. We can eat from anything we like but not of one of the trees in the centre of the garden.” She didn’t even know what it was called. Then she said “God said ‘You shall not eat it or touch it, lest you die’ ”  Well, look at that.  Typical woman.  Exaggerating the truth already and she hasn’t even fallen yet!!!   What did God actually say?   You may not eat it.  He didn’t say anything about touching it.

 Well Satan is right in here.  She doesn’t know God’s law so Satan knows he can throw fiery darts at her and she won’t even know he is attacking her. So he says “No… You won’t die at all.  God is not telling you the whole truth. If you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will know good and evil.”  Mate, they already knew good. Why would they want to know evil too?  What a slimebag.  He made it sound so good and exciting!!!

 Well Satan had won. She now doubted God. Eve saw that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was “good for food, delightful to the eye and desirable to render one wise.”  She looked at the tree and mate, it did look good.  Now she knew she could touch it and she thought that God was not telling her the whole truth.  She forgot she knew God really well and didn’t know this thing that was talking to her.  She forgot all the good things God had done for her and weighed up all the advantages that she saw.  It looked good so just do it!!  Besides, it would make her wise which sounded pretty good.  She was not really sure what that meant but it sounded like it was something she should have.  If everyone else had it she should too.  Don’t you agree?

 Well she picked it and ate.  Now she could have just dropped it and still been OK but no, she went the whole way and ate it.

 Bike gets stolen

 Then she shared it with Adam. I dunno why she had to do that.  I think she may have felt a bit guilty and when we feel guilty about doing something bad the smart thing to do is drag someone else in to share the blame. It sort of dilutes the guilt.  If you can get enough people who are doing the wrong thing then by democracy that makes it OK.  Well if everyone is doing it, it must be OK.

 Some people think she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to share it with Adam. I dunno.

 Well Adam who was supposed to be the head of the house and looking after this companion of his. God had told him, Himself with words, with a voice, standing there in front of him.  He knew what he was supposed to do but he just ate it.  He didn’t say, “What have you done?  You idiot.  I told you not to eat that.  What will God say?  Well if you want to ruin your life go for it but I’m not going to.  If you want to jump off a bridge I’m not going to do it too.” Maybe he could have rushed her to God and said.  “Mate she’s stuffed up.  Can you help? What can we do?”  No he just went along.  Some say that he loved her so much that he wanted to die with her.  I know some girls who start using drugs because they love their boyfriends so much that they want to do everything they do.   Duh!!!!!!   Then later he blames Eve!!!  But that is another story.

 So what happens.  Their eyes are open!! Bang they can see evil.  I mean why would you?  They looked down and wow!!! They were naked.  Have you ever had a dream where you at school and you suddenly realise you have no clothes on!!!  Man! That would be terrible.  But they didn’t have any clothes to put on. And by now it was getting cold as the day was coming to an end and it was Sabbath coming up.  Mate they must have been in a panic.  So they got some fig leaves and sewed them together to make a skirt and then hid in the trees cause they knew that God would be wanting to spend His time with them.  They had discovered that great evil feeling of being separated from God and scared!!!

 Luke where is your bike.  It has been stolen…someone to come in and steal it.  How do you feel now that someone has stolen your bike?

 Well God came looking for them, as He always does. “Where are you?” He said.  Do you think God knew where they were?  Of course.  I play hide and seek with my 2-year-old granddaughter and when she hides she hides her face and thinks that I can’t see the rest of her.  Of course God knew where they were and what they had done but He had to make them see that they had sinned so He could deal with it.  Adam said, “I heard your sound in the garden” - I wonder what that was like- “and I was afraid”. Mate. Here he has found another evil thing he didn’t know before.  This evil is great stuff.  We have naked and fear and guilt already…. So I hid myself “ He said.  Excuse me.  Who is he thinking about?  What about Eve?  Who was hiding with him? Is he just thinking of himself?  Wow some more evil… selfishness. 

 God says, “Who told you you were naked?”  As if God didn’t know.  “Did you eat from the tree I forbade you to eat from?”  See no mention of touch.  And what does Adam say  "That woman YOU gave me. She gave it to me and I ate it.”  It is your fault!  You gave me the woman! And She made me do it!   Wow more evil here.  Blaming others, passing the buck!!!  This evil is great stuff.

 So God says to Eve “Just what have you done?”  What does Eve say.  “Satan made me do it”!!!!

 Well God has to let all of them live out the consequences of their actions.  He starts with the serpent and makes him crawl on his belly in the dirt all his life and makes people really hate him. He also tells him that a special person will come and destroy him at a later date so that gave him something to look forward to.

 To poor old silly Eve who didn’t think before she acted, He said that she would have troubles with the parts of her body used for having children and boy don’t we ladies know all about that. And husbands too!!!  The relationship between her and her husband would be damaged by this evil they had taken on board so that she would really want her husband to care for her and look after her but he would think of himself all the time and dominate her.  Jesus came and sorted that out later but many men in the world still treat their women very badly.

 And He said to Adam, cause it was the man’s job to provide the food which had to come from the ground, that now the beautiful perfect soil of the world which would produce the all food they needed would be spoiled so it didn’t grown as well. It would grow weeds and thorns and it would be really hard work until they die.  And don’t the men know all about that.  I reckon it must be rotten to work all week and then come home and have to give someone else the money.

 So God had to kill animals to make clothes for them to wear. God knew that if they ate from the other tree, the Tree of Life, they would live forever so He drove the man, because he was the head of the house and ultimately responsible, out of the garden.   Eve had to go too cause she was his companion. God was fair dinkum about this cause He put a guard on the gate so they couldn’t come back.  And now the garden is gone.

 And we today live the same way because of the sin that was now in the world.

 So this knowledge of evil was a great thing to have wasn’t it.  God gave them one law to protect them but they knew better and look what happened. They got a lousy place to live, Adam is pushing Eve around, she is trying to wear the pants, the serpent is eating dust, and there are thorns and thistles everywhere and then the kids come along and make the whole thing a bigger mess.  They introduce a whole heap of new you beaut evils like jealousy and then murder and from then on things just get worse and worse and we get more and more evil.  Great stuff eh?

 Do you want some

 Are you enjoying living in this bit of evil?

So this was a really black day for God and for us all


Bike on stage with Cash Converters sign on it.

Luke discovers his bike. 

 What colour tomorrow?  Can you think why?  Gold medal for anyone who can guess what happens tomorrow and why the colour?


             FOT DAY 4 RED     SALVATION       


 What colour for today?  Who can guess what will happen next in God’s story?


Bike on stage with Cash Converters sign on it.

“What is happening in your story?  What are you going to do about your bike?”

“I will have to pay the price the man asks for it.”

“But it is your bike.  You made it”.

“Well it is gone and I have to pay the price.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Well I tried letterbox dropping but a dog bit me, Then I packed shelves at Coles but the boxes fell on me.  Now I have a real job.  I have been practicing for it.  “Would you like fries with that? etc.  It will take me 27 years at this rate to get my bike back.”

 Boy Luke that is an awful price to have to pay for something that was once yours and was taken from you.

Poor Luke. What a sad story he has at the moment.

 Back to God’s story.

We have a long time passing after Adam was sent from the garden and Eve went with him.  It is all in the Bible but it is God’s story.  We call it history… His-story.  We had Noah and the Tower of Babel and Joseph and his coat going to Egypt, then all the judges and Job and the David and the prophets and the kings and all their stories.  We can see that the people pleased God by trusting Him and obeying His laws, things went well for them.  There was plenty of rain and no one invaded them but when they rejected God He wasn’t able to protect them so they got invaded and many died or taken into slavery.   See Adam and Eve were protected and safe while they stayed with God but when they sinned and went with Satan, God couldn’t protect them.  It’s not that He won’t.  He can’t cause sin breaks the communication like when your modem is down you can’t access the Internet.  God gets really upset when this happens.

 So God decided that He had to do something about this mess. All his pets were being roughed up by enemies and were hungry and unhappy and sick and just miserable.  God had asked them to sacrifice animals to remind them that the wages of sin was death and help them turn to Him but most people didn’t and very few really thought it was important.  You get used to living with bad stuff.  In fact they thought that all this evil crap was normal and that there wasn’t a better way despite what the prophets told them.  They went to other gods looking for answers.

 When you sin you should die. But if something else can die in your place then atonement has taken place.  To atone is a big word that means At-one. The blood of the other thing that has died takes the place of your blood that should have been shed.  That is why God used animals for a while cause, despite the fact that they are cuddly, they are not as important as people are.

 In Iraq at the present moment we have people who are being held hostage until someone pays the ransom for them or someone is released from gaol.  If these demands are not met the people are killed.  Well these hostages’ lives are threatened in the same way Satan holds us hostage. Satan demands our death but Jesus paid the price for dying in our place.

 Now God knew this would happen when Adam and Eve sinned. That’s why He told the serpent that someone would get him later.   So about halfway through His story He decided it was time to bring in the big guns.  He loved us so much that He knew HE would have to do something to make atonement for all this sin stuff that was going on and would continue to go on to this day.  You sin don’t you? So do I?  Anyone here who has not sinned and added to the sin crap in this world?  So what did He do?   What can Luke do?

 Let me tell you about Boss my favourite pet chook.  When we moved into our new house we set up a chook pen with six chooks that had been battery hens. We built then a special enclosure with food and water and roosts and it was big and dry and safe. They had a big area to run around.  It was very good like the world was when God created it.  We put these six hens into it but because they had been cooped up all their lives in cages they didn’t know how to walk.  I watched them waiting to see them explore their new environment and enjoy themselves.  Well they just sat there.  They didn’t know what to so.  I was amazed.   Eventually after about fifteen minutes the biggest black one got up, shook herself and went and had a drink. She wandered around and then pecked at the others and got them going so we called her Boss.  One of them, called Prozac, never learned to walk and actually died.

 Well Boss was the boss and she looked after the other girls. She was always the first to find the lettuce leaves I put out, or to tell the others it was time to come in at night.  When we gave them a rooster she stood him right up until he proved he was worthy of leading her girls and then when we took him away cause he crowed ALL night she just took over running the girls again.

 One day she disappeared. We searched everywhere for her but couldn’t find her.  I was really upset cause I Loved old Boss.  She would run up to us and squat at our feet so we could give her a pat.  We used to pick her up and cuddle her.  We thought she may have been taken by a fox but there were no feathers around.  There was a big paddock next door with long grass and we looked in there but couldn’t find her.

 Well about three weeks later there was a big fire in the paddock next door. We saw it coming and raced up with the hose in case it came onto our place but it stopped in time.  When flames died down I could see a small charred mound near the edge and I wondered what it was.  I climbed through the fence and went to see what had been burnt.

 You guessed it.  It was Boss. She was dead.  I was so upset.  I picked up the body thinking I would bury her properly.  Can you guess what I found under her?   Chickens!!!  At this point I pulled out two fluffy yellow chickens I had had hidden in my pocket all the time.  This is a bit of a challenge as they cheep and some of the smarter kids hear them so you have to bluff through it.  At the Feast one of them did the biggest poo on my hand just as I started to talk.  It brought the house down.  I usually have the chickens a day or two before hand so they get used to being handled.

She had gone into the long grass to hatch her eggs and when the fire came she knew that she had to stay over her chickens so that they wouldn’t die.  She loved them so much.  So she willingly gave up her life to save her babies.

 Now Jesus was just like Boss.  He knew that in order to save us from our death because of our sins someone had to die and He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us all.  You know His story how he came to earth as a baby and grew up as a child just like you lot…. well almost like you lot cause He never never ever ever did anything wrong… and he wasn’t a nerd. So there was no reason why He should die cause we only die because we have sinned. Then when the time was right He allowed people to take Him and beat Him and nail Him to a stake and He died. They then stuck a spear in His side so that His blood flowed out cause there has to be blood shed for the forgiveness of sins.  Blood has to be shed so everyone, including God can see that something, in Jesus case, someone has died in our place.  Pretty awful isn’t it.  But remember that if you had been the only person on earth He would have died just for you so never think that it was any easy thing.

 Now Jesus was God’s son and God sent Him to do this awful thing for us.  Don’t think it was easy for God to sit and watch this happen.  I know as a mother how much it hurts me when my children suffer.  Has any of you had a pet die?  Can you remember how sad and upset you were even if the pet was old and in pain?  Well imagine how would feel if your dog had been killed trying to save you from some awful thing.  Well that is a tiny bit of how God felt.

 He must love us an awful lot to put Himself and Jesus through all that suffering for our sakes.

 So the red is for Jesus blood that was shed for us.

 Every time you see red remember Jesus blood shed because He loves you.


                              FOT DAY 5  WHITE            


 What colour is it today?  White.  Can you tell me what the colour white stands for?  Purity, Cleanliness, Not dirty

 Remember the Olympic Games?  How all the countries sent teams to Athens to race against each other and each country had a uniform that they wore to show which team they were on?  What colour do the Australians wear?  What about the USA?  What about the Broncos?  The Lions?  What about the mini Olympics? Who was on the pink team?  Well white is the colour of the jersey we wear when we are on Jesus team.

 How do I know that?   Well the Bible tells me.  I have the references if you want them.  His priests always wore white in the old days.  His prophets told those who followed Him to wear white garments. When he was on earth as a human when He would talk to His father He would go a brilliant white.  This happened twice. His angels when they are on earth wear white. Those in heaven around His throne wear white.  He is white while sitting on His throne…. His head and hair were white as wool, white as snow.  Do you know how white snow is?  We were ski-ing one year and decided to have an icecream after we had been tobogganing… as if we weren’t cold enough.  I couldn’t believe it but the ice cream looked yellow compared to the snow.  He tells us heaps of times that if we overcome and do what He asks us we can wear white robes and He asks that we do this.  He lives in a white cloud; his bride will wear white. When He comes to finally sort this world out He will ride a white horse, His army will wear white and ride white horses and at the end He will sit on a white throne.

 Remember the I am’s.  I am the light of the world.  Light is white...

 So I reckon His team colours are white and His team name is The Lamb’s Warriors.

 Remember I said that all people have different coloured skin, some have red, and some have brown. I have motley brown.  This is only the covering of the body in which we live.  Inside us we are all exactly the same make up and colour and we have a spirit, that part right down inside us where the real person is. Here I used two Matreska dolls… not the largest.    We call it our heart. Not the part that pumps but the inner part that God only sees and knows.  Some of you may not be old enough to even understand that part yourself yet but you will. Some adults never do but that is the part God is interested in.  Well our heart is where our sins accumulate and it becomes black with sin. Inside the smaller doll I had the smallest in the series painted black with white board marker. So everybody in the world ends up with a black heart. What does black tell us? So inside every one of our pink or brown bodies we have a black heart.

 Now we all know that Jesus died for our sins right?  We have to have shed blood to atone for sins. So His death was enough to atone for sins. That means the sins get washed away and people’s hearts are white again.  Well, as far as God is concerned this means that every sin in the world was paid for by Jesus.  This is why it was such a big thing that He did.  Now this is difficult to understand so listen. Jesus died for ALLLL the sins that have ever been committed in the world, that are happening now and that will happen.  Jesus paid for them all.  He must really love us eh? 

 OK so Jesus sacrifice is enough to wipe out for EVERY sin in the world and give EVERY one a clean heart so how do you know if you have a black or white heart? You have to accept that His blood was shed for your sins and for you alone in order for His blood to wash away your sins.  You have to have faith that this is so.  You have to just believe cause you can’t see it, can you?.  So Jesus sacrifice applies ONLY to those who accept Him as their Saviour but it is enough for the whole world if they want it. Here I wiped off the marker pen with a white tissue.

 Isn’t that something?

 Now Jesus wants the whole world to be on His team. It is not like the Olympics where you have to be the very best and be perfect to make the team. You get to choose to be part of Jesus team. If you join the Lamb’s Warriors then Jesus will wash away all that black stuff in your heart and give you a new clean heart just like His.  If you join the team you will get to wear the team colours which are what?  White!!! 

 You can become a Lamb’s Warrior now while you are still alive. You don’t have to wait till you are dead.  In fact it is much better to do it now and be sure that you are safe. Your pink skin won’t look any different to us here in the world but God will be able to see your heart and He will know that it is white and pure and that there is no sin there any more.    He will be so pleased because He will be able to have you as His companion again cause He can’t stand blackness.

  Re-assemble the dolls.

The Bible tells us that we must be IN Christ to have this forgiveness and to be able to be part of the team.  Now I don’t know how this works but all I can think of is that we have to somehow ask Jesus to cover us with His cloak of righteousness or get right down inside Him so He covers us completely.Here I had the largest doll covered with white contact with a smiley face…two eyes and a smile and Jesus written around the neck.  I covered the doll which represented the person with the white one. Then when God looks at us He can’t see our black heart of sin. Do you remember when Boss died the little chicken was hidden right down under her so we couldn’t see them.  Well it is the same for Jesus and us.  We snuggle safely down inside Jesus and all God sees is Jesus on the outside and says. You’re sweet.  I can talk to you.  You’re on my team!!!

 So if you decide that Jesus died for your sins and that His blood has washed them away you become just like He is, without sin, and then your heart will be white as snow. AND that can happen now.  As soon as you have faith that Jesus died for YOUR sins He washes your heart clean so it will be white as snow just like He is only He is white all over and all through.  I am talking about white as in snow inside your pink skin.

 Now Jesus has to tell each of us that there is a place for us on His team and He does this at different times. It is not the same for everyone but He especially likes kids cause then He can use them as athletes for a long time. He will probably ask a couple of times in your life.   I found out when I was a kid but some people get told later in life.  The important thing is that WHEN He speaks to you that you respond and accept His invitation to join His team.

 Now this is the hard part to understand.  If we want to IN Jesus and ON His team we have to have a white heart so we get that by asking Jesus to come INTO our hearts and live there.   What we mean by this is that we want Him to be involved in every aspect of our lives, right down at the basic truth level.  Bit weird eh.  To be IN Him He has to be IN us.  Can’t explain that one but when He is there you will understand what I mean.  To become part of His team, if you think He is asking you to join now, all you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart and your life and He will. He says in Revelation 3:30 “Lo I stand at the door and knock. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and He with me.” You only dine with people who are your friends.   So He will become part of your life and you of His.

 All you have to do is to open the door to Him by asking Him into your life. Some people feel quite different when this happens. Others don’t. It doesn’t matter what you feel. If you ask, He tells us He will enter our lives.  Just believe it.

  I am going to ask everyone to shut their eyes and pray and if you feel that Jesus has been seeking you then just ask Him quietly, in your mind, to come into your life. Then put up your hand.  This is between God and you alone so no peeking at someone else.  It is a good idea to tell an adult so they can help you learn more about Jesus but you don’t have to


               FOT DAY 6 YELLOW        


You may not have twigged but the top line of our Olympic rings tells God’s story from His point of view and the bottom row tells it from our point of view.

How His-story affected us and how we see ourselves.

 Silver was God’s brilliant idea and His plan for his companions

Black was His Black Day when we stuffed up and ruined everything.

White is how He sees us when we are IN Jesus.

 Green was His pet enclosure and what He made for us so we all could enjoy the relationship

Red was the Blood of Christ what He gave us as His solution to our stuff up.  See how it is central in the whole of His-story.

 Now what sort of colour is yellow?  What do you think it represents?  Happiness!!! What is this? Produce an inflatable smilie.  Smilies are usually yellow, Sunflowers are happy, canaries are happy, sunshine is yellow. Psychologists tell us that when people see yellow it makes them happy.

 So our yellow ring represents what God gave us so we can be happy here on earth

Yellow is what He gave us so we don’t stuff up again. So we have happy smilie days.

 Do you know that you can make God smile?  You make His day a yellow day?  How? BY DOING WHAT He wants and what he wants for you.

 Produce a present wrapped in yellow paper with a big yellow bow. Toss it to one of the kids to open. Now when you were born God gave the world a big present.

 Who likes presents?   Let’s see what is in this present?  What do you think?                

Inside the box are seven smaller boxes. dispensing pill boxes also wrapped in yellow paper with an attribute of people blue tacked to the outside.  I had a poster with P R E S E N T written down the LHS of the cardboard. And the L words which come in later on the RHS.  I asked the kids who had the P word and they brought up the piece of paper with the attribute on it and stuck it on the poster.  We worked through the attributes till all were dealt with.


This is the way you show what sort of a person you are.  Some people have a happy personality, others are cranky, and some laugh a lot.  Some are quiet and don’t say a lot but when they do it is very wise. Some people do the wrong thing so people will look at them.  You can control this aspect of your nature. You can develop your personality so that you stop doing things that hurt others and focus on doing things God’s way, which is with love.


This is your ability to think and work things out.  We can all do this but some people do it better than others do.  That is Ok you usually find that those who can’t reason really well have strengths in other areas like their talents.


This is the really deep down part that we talked about with the dolls and called it your heart.  Some kids are really aware of this and can listen to this part and do whatever it tells them. Some people never contact it.  Remember that God says that the heart of people is really evil but this is where God can speak to you so you have to learn to balance this inner voice with the needs of the world and God’s way.  This can be really hard but keep trying.  Don’t let it dominate you but don’t turn it off. 

Remember this is the important part of us. The world judges people by how much money they accumulate but we know that what is inside here is the important thing to God and ourselves.  If this part is not “right” you cannot have peace or a yellow day.


There are five of these. What are they? Get the kids to list them off.  Sight, hearing. Taste, smell and feel.  You just need these so you can live in this world.  It is hard to manage without even one of these so never take them for granted and help others who are missing one or have them damaged.


This is what makes up YOUR story.  All the things that have happened to you should teach you lessons about the world or God’s way of dealing with you.  These are your experiences.  Often bad things happen but if you are smart you will learn from them and not make the same mistake twice.   God will let you experience hard stuff so you can learn the lesson He wants for you and then He will ask you to share this lesson with other people who are supposed to be learning the same lesson.


This is similar to your personality but is the software God gave you when you were born.  You can’t help what you were born with. You may have a soft nature where you find it easy to sympathise with other people and hard to discipline yourself.  Or you may have a hard nature where you expect people to perform.  We need all these things in life and nothing is wrong just an aspect of human nature.  You can’t help getting a Mary or a Martha nature but it is your decision how you use this nature to deal with life.  You can modify it to express it in a nice personality or an unpleasant one. 


This one is easy.  This is whether you can be clever at music or sport or painting or helping people or maths…. Yuck.  Believe it or not EVERYONE is born with some talent.  Some lucky people have many but everyone is good at something.  This is where you have to listen to your essence or heart to see what God has given you.  He usually gives you a passion for whatever He wants you to be good at.  When God gives you a talent He EXPECTS you to use it and develop it.

 So you need to search inside yourself to find what presents He has given you and open it up. How exciting!!!!

So how do we get yellow days?

What are some of the ways we can make us happy?  Having lots of toys may make us happy for a short time but we always get bored and need new things. Doing the things that make God happy will make us happy cause remember, we are made in God’s image.


How? Learning about Him. Prayer. Reading His word, Church.  Learning about His creation. If you leave God out of your life you will not have the true picture so how the world is and how you can you be true to yourself.  So you need to get to know Him and find out how He thinks, what He likes and doesn’t like etc. You also learn about Him as you live your life


How does that make us happy?   It tells us what God likes and how to give Him a yellow day. It also keeps us out of trouble.  Right.  It doesn’t win us any points in heaven because we are doing just what God asks but it reduces the amount of suffering we experience. 


This amounts to the same thing as obeying God’s law but seems to go a bit further.  It means caring for others and being kind to people. It means forgiving others when they hurt you and being a peacemaker. It just means showing love to others in everything you do.  You can get a real buzz out of helping others. 


God has a special plan for your life and it is up to you to find out what it is and then follow what God has planned.  You can make all sorts of plans but if they don't agree with what God has planned for you, you will never be successful nor enjoy your life as much as you should. You will not have a yellow life.


This is your day to day living. Follow His goals. Always within God’s law.  Listen to your essence or your conscience. Always ask yourself “What would Jesus do in this case?” and if it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. If in doubt, don’t.

So that is how you can have a yellow day and give God one too.

So our theme is run the race.  When you win a race at the Olympics you know cause you cross the finish line and break the electronic beam.  In our day they used a piece of tape and you could see which athlete had the tape across their chest. The world judges success by how much money you accumulate.  He who dies with the most toys, wins, is the motto of the world. Remember He wants everyone to be in His team.

And there are no entrance tests except to say that you want to be part of the team.  But there is a race and it is a long distance race, an endurance race like the marathon at the Olympics.  The gold medal doesn’t go to the first person who finishes, it goes to everyone who finishes.  But getting to the end can be hard.

Jesus offers you the race of life.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t have wealth in this world. You can. It is just that there is a different finish line.  It doesn’t finish when the meet is over like the Olympics did.  It doesn’t finish when we die like it does for those who don’t want to be on His team.  It goes on forever.  The people who won gold at the Olympics had a brief time of glory where they were so happy that they had been successful but that is all faded now.  Can you tell me who won the marathon at the Olympics?  No. This man trained all he life and gave up everything to win that one race and no one here can even remember his name.   So their Olympic glory is gone.  But if you choose to run the race Jesus has set, that glory will last for eternity.

Following the ways of the world may give you a lot to live on but nothing to live for.

Doing things God’s way makes a yellow day.  I love yellow day


                                                       FOT DAY 7  GOLD            


Does anyone know what is so special about gold?  It is the only metal that does not deteriorate with time because it is inert.  It is almost impossible to make it react so it will last a long time.  It is very rare and so is very expensive and can be very beautiful because it shines when it is pure.

Because of this and because it costs a lot of money to get, it is a symbol that what is made of gold is important. So it has always been the symbol of authority. The king’s crown was always gold.  Joseph and Daniel were given gold chains to wear to show they represented the king. So husbands give their wives gold wedding rings to show how important they are to them.  Now days some people prefer silver.  The temple was overlaid with gold and all the utensils were made of gold.     Which Olympic medal was given to the most important person in the race?  Gold.

Here I produced a real olympic gold medal whci one of the church people’s son had won.  He gave it to me just before the message and took it back afterwards!!!!!!

We let the kids feel the wieght as they passed it around.

So gold tells us that something is important and has authority and usually beautiful.

There was gold in the Garden of Eden and it was given to Jesus when He was born and there will be gold in the Kingdom but we’ll talk about that later.

The world judges people by how much wealth or gold they can accumulate and people who worship idols usually cover the concrete statue with gold leaf to make it look like it is important but we know the importance of knowing what is inside something to tell us about the true nature.

Now who rules this world?   Who is ruler of this world?  The Bible says Satan is.  He invaded God’s precious place when Adam and Eve let him come in when they sinned and he has been boss ever since. You think. Is there more good or evil in the world?  Do you have to try hard to sin or to be good? So Satan is the ruler of this kingdom but it only for a time until God says his time is up.

Does anyone know stories about the Second World War, how Hitler invaded Europe and made everyone there do what he wanted them to do,  It was an awful time. They would come into your village and make the people do what they wanted. If you didn’t do what the soldiers said they shot you.  They took a lot of people and killed them just because they were Jews, or Gipsies or just disabled.  The Allies made up of Britain and her Commonwealth and the Americans and many others fought against the Nazis and finally beat them and made Europe free again but many good people died trying to save the countries who had been taken over.  This was not so long ago. There are people here who were alive when this happened.

Now in France at this time there lived an Australian lady named Nancy Wake. Produce photo of her. She is still alive today but she is very old.  Because she knew that the Nazis were very bad and she wanted freedom she worked for the Allies and against the Nazis. Despite the fact that the Nazis ruled in her land her heart was loyal to a king who was far away in England. She lived in enemy occupied territory.  That meant that the place she lived was controlled by her enemies while her true loyalty lay with her real king who was far away.  She and her friends were part of what was known as The Resistance.  These people looked like ordinary French people going about their business but they were really fighting against the Nazis in secret.  They would find Allied airmen who had been shot down and hide them in their houses until they could smuggle them out of France and back to England. They took lots of risks and suffered a lot because if they were caught by the Nazis they would be shot and often their families were too.  One of my Dad’s friends was saved by Nancy Wake.

Now my Dad was one of the men who went to Europe to fight with the Allies against the Nazis. Produce photo of him.  One night dad was shot down over the enemy territory and he had to walk home during the night or else he would have been shot.  He took the compass and clock from his crashed plane to guide him and set off in the dark to where he knew home was.  At one time when some enemy planes flew low over him to see who he was, he just pretended to be one of them and waved and smiled a lot and they didn’t shoot him.  He was in enemy occupied territory and was fighting the enemy until he could get home or the country could be freed when the Allies invaded on D-Day.

Now as you know Satan is the ruler of this world and so when you join Jesus team and get a white heart you look the same outside as you always did. You still have your pink skin but you are now an enemy of Satan and are living in his territory like Nancy Wake did.  Just like Nancy was waiting for the Allies to set France free, you are waiting for Jesus to come and set the world free from Satan. What a celebration that was for the French people. They were dancing in the streets and people were so happy.   A very yellow day!!!! And what a celebration it will be for us when Jesus comes back and sets the world free from Satan.

Now the war took a long time to finish.  Nancy was living with the stress and fear for three or four years but she endured to the end until she was liberated.  Do you remember I said that being on Jesus team was like being on the Marathon team?  It is a test of endurance. Almost every government who was involved in the war gave Nancy Wake their biggest medals to show her and the world how much she had contributed and how much they valued her work..  My Dad was also awarded a very important medal because he had done so much towards beating the enemies who had the world captive.  Show Dad’s minitures.

What do we get at the end of our race?  Well it is not a medal but it is made of gold.

Produce a gold crown.  Some smart kid pointed out it was actualkly a tiara.!!!

Also remember that there is a great cloud of witnesses in the heavens who are watching you run your race.  They are ready to help you when you find the going hard and the Holy Spirit is there also to hold you up and guide you.  Those witnesses will cheer so loudly when you finish the race and win your crown.

When we get to the kingdom we get all sorts of rewards just like the Olympic athletes who win get big sponsorships.  Everyone will see these rewards.  We will be living in the true kingdom we call home like Nancy Wake is living in London now and the Allies government pays her accommodation. Just like some of the soldiers who fought in the Resistance became the rulers of France after the war, we will become rulers with Christ.  And wear a gold crown!!!!!

Now one more thing about gold. You find it in the ground covered with dirt.  Adam was made from the dust of the ground.  The goldsmith refines the gold by putting the nuggets into a cauldron and heating it until it melts and all the dross or crap floats to the surface. The goldsmith scrapes that off and throws it away, then heats the gold again and scapes again until all the dross is gone.  How can he tell when it is finished?  Well he can see his own face reflected in the shiny surface of the gold.   It is the same with us when God refines us.  He applies heat in the form of challenges and difficulties and suffering and rewards until we learn to think and act like He does, in other words He can see Himself in us or we become like He is.  That is the finish line of our race when we win our gold medal, which will be a gold crown.

But don’t get to experience it in our bodies until the Kingdom comes.

Who can guess what colour we will do tomorrow?

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