MARY OF NAZARETH

                                          Alissa              Luke 1-3, Matthew 13:55

                                           Matt 27:54-56, John 19:25 Acts 1:14

                            Good morning kids!!! Welcome again to FRUITLOOP KIDS!!!!!

 \What a wonderful show we have for you today. Some good music you all know from past shows, some new songs we have found for you

Throughout the show there will be little puzzles and a prize for the kid who guesses the answers.  We are looking for examples of Fruits of the Spirit.  These are the list of qualities that tell others and God if we really are Christians.  As usual we will leave one out till the end. So whoever can guess whichever one we have missed gets a prize.

Now on with the show.  (Applause sign) Today our first item is a song we all know ………………

Wasn’t that a great!!!!   Now our first guest this Feast is someone very well known to us all. We met her here last year when we heard some of her story but since then she has gone on the much bigger and greater things.  In fact I think I can quite safely say that she is known all over the world and in some areas has even achieved cult status.

Kids please make welcome Mary of Nazareth.!!!!!!  (Mary is escorted in and sits down)

Mary how lovely to see you again.  We all remember your visit here last year when we saw the story of your greatest moment, the time by which millions all over the world remember you.  Would you like to remind us of that?

Mary:  Well it took quite a time until the whole world heard about that time.  My dear friends Luke and Matthew were largely responsible for that. They actually wrote it all down. I sort of kept it secret for many years cause I was so confused. I wasn’t sure if I had imagined the whole thing. But people started talking about what happened and believed that my boy, J’shua was the Messiah and the Son of God. I hear it all ended up as a book.

Yes that book still sells more than any other book in the world and has had a greater impact in the world that any other.

Mary: Really!!! That is amazing!!!  (Smiles)  It was so hard at the end. People are so unkind …and so very kind too.  It was a joy to have so many friends at the end. In the early stages….it was very hard.

Yes there was the shame because of people thought that Jesus was illegitimate. They treated women they thought had broken God’s very harshly.  It was such a brave thing to do.

Mary:  I was so young.  Just a girl.  I had no idea what was ahead of me… but I had faith in God and His Word. And my cousin, Elizabeth was a great help. I was so scared at the beginning.. and then joy that God had actually chosen me to be the mother of the Messiah, the Saviour of the world.

It must have been hard though.

Mary: Well I was very young at the time. I was only a girl and it was very scary. But my husband Joseph and my cousin Elizabeth were there for me and it made it easier.  It was such a long trip to Bethlehem and I knew the baby was very near. I wasn’t sure we would get there in time.  Besides I knew God was on top of it and He had always looked after His people if they were happy to work with Him.

You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I saw that lovely warm stable with the clean dry straw….. It did smell a bit…. But I was just pleased that I was off that donkey!!!

Lovely warm…. OK……So tell us some of the things that happened after that amazing night in the stable at Bethlehem when the baby was born and the shepherds came after the angles told them about the birth.

Mary: Yes that was some night!!!  Those lovely simple men were so full of joy to see the Messiah.  They knew who He was going to be!!!  Just simple men listening to God.

Later we moved to a house as soon as we could.  We had Him circumcised on the eight day and dedicated Him to the Lord at the temple when it was the right time. That was when Anna and Simeon blessed Him. That was a real joy to know that the Lord had told someone else too and that I wasn’t alone.

Simeon knew what was ahead of you, didn’t he?  He must have realised how hard it was going to be for you, being so young.  So much sadness ahead.

Mary: Yes but so much joy and happiness too.  God was in control. It was OK.  It wasn’t much fun but I was happy because I knew I was doing His will.

And then the Wise Men came with their gifts.  That was just so amazing.  I couldn’t believe it. All that finery, and their fine white skin and the amazing gifts

Yes we saw them too.!!!  Simply amazing them coming all that way following a star… Bit hard to believe but that is what they said they did.

Mary: Oh that part was true.  I saw it!!!  Just amazing.  The star really did seem to hover over the house.  Actually, they were really nice once you got past the robes and the gold and frankincense and stuff.

You know the thing that impressed me most was the joy these guys showed when they found Jesus.  They were so excited… but they were calm too. They didn’t whoop and jump around. They were calm and peaceful and you just knew that they were delighted but it went deeper than happy.  They still had major problems cause they knew Herod was after them,… and us, but they were happy….. but calm.  Do you know what I mean.

We only have to look at you dear to see what joy is.  That peaceful happiness is obvious.

Mary: I didn’t know what to do with the frankincense for years.  Carried it to Egypt with us …

Yes tell us about your time in Egypt.

Mary: Well I can’t remember much about that time. I was just so upset that that revolting man Herod had all those children killed.  They were kids of friends of ours and it really hurt.  It was wonderful that God saved US but I was so upset about the others. I still feel like crying when I think of it. ……

Yes it is just terrible what men will do to stay in power. Didn’t help him in the long run though. 

Mary:  No. He died a terrible death and couldn’t take any of his power with him.

So tell us what happened after that. 

Mary: Well we came back to Nazareth and settled down. Joseph was a carpenter, you know, and we had a few other kids.

Yes. James, Joses, Simon and Judas.

Mary:  Don’t forget the girls.  My special girls!!!

You must have some funny stories about Jesus childhood.

Mary:  Well yes. (Thinks) Well, there was the time we went up to Jerusalem for the Passover when J’shua was twelve and he got so involved in His discussions with the teachers that we left Him behind.  I thought He was with Joseph and the men cause He was considered a man now.  Joseph though he was still with me and the women.  I guess Joseph must have forgotten how important this Passover had been.  Men!!

So you were still quite young when all this happened. It must have been very worrying for you.

Mary: Well yes.  I was upset.  I mean this lad, well he was a man now, as going to be the Messiah and I had lost Him.  First time I let Him out on His own and I have to loose Him.  But, then He was God’s son so I kept calm and cheerful.  I guess it was what they call joy.

We were looking for three days. We looked everywhere we could think of and couldn’t find Him. I just kept calm and had faith in God. It was a bit like when Gabriel told me I was to have Him.  That was joy too.  I mean I was as scared as …but yet I felt calm and even gladness.

So what happened?

Mary: The only place left was the Temple.  I mean, He was only a kid then. What would He be doing at the temple? He was only twelve.

Well. What was He doing at the Temple?

Mary: Talking to the teachers!!!!  Twelve years old!!! I ask you? Oh vey!!!  How could a boy know so much so soon?

What did the teachers do?  Did they throw Him out?

Mary:  Throw Him out.  The opposite!!  They were astounded at his knowledge and understanding.  You should have seen the crowd of them around Him.

At twelve years of age?

Mary: I guess they thought that if He had the Spirit of the Lord then He should do something about it and develop it and share it.

Isn’t that a bit young?

Mary:  Well I would have thought so but obviously God did not. 

But He wasn’t even baptised.

Mary:  So you go and tell God!!!  God is in control.  If God calls someone who are we to tell Him otherwise?  Too old!! Too young!!  There is no Law against serving God. 

How old was David when he fought Goliath?  Was he too young?   What about Joseph when they took him to Egypt?  Did being young stop him getting ahead? What about Samuel?  Daniel?

OK OK  I see your point. Our time is up. Thank you so much for coming to visit us and sharing your amazing experiences. 

Tomorrow kids we will have another visitor.  Chocolate frog for whoever can guess who it might be.

Allow us to give you a gift to remember your experience with us.  A mango reminds us of joy.  There is nothing nicer than biting into a lovely ripe mango but we know all that there is the hard seed in the centre and have calm delight all the same.  Others can share our joy too because the aroma spreads all around us.

MEMORY VERSE:  James 1:2

Consider it complete joy, my brothers, when you become involved in all sorts of trials.


DAY 2        FRIDAY 28TH




Good morning kids!!.  Who can remember who we met yesterday?  Wasn’t it just wonderful to meet her?  I mean to me she has been just part of a story all my life but to realise that she was a real person who lived and did the washing up and had problems and joys like the rest of us is just great.

Can you remember what fruit she showed?  Yes joy. Who can tell me what joy is?  Calm delight is how I like to think of it. Calm delight even in the middle of all the problems.

Now our next guest is a shy man who doesn’t waste words but who made a massive contribution to our knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth and so of the One Great God.

John Mark!!!!!!

John Mark. What should I call you? In some places you are called John, in others Mark and in some John Mark.

Mark:  It doesn’t matter.  Mark is my Roman name from my father and John is my Hebrew name from my mother. It means “Yahweh has shown favour, Yahweh has been gracious”. Sometimes I get both. (shrugs)

So you knew Jesus of Nazareth personally.  Can you give us a bit of background about Him?

Mark; OK.  Well I grew up in a believing family. My mother was Mary, one of the women who accepted the Messiah prior to His crucifixion. She opened her house to the Brethren very early in the piece and so I knew all the important people very well.  We had people staying with us and had many meetings there.

You not only knew them, you were related to them were you not?

Mark; Yes.  Barnabus is my cousin and I worked very closely with Peter the great apostle in “Babylon” towards the end.  I travelled with Paul on several occasions. So, yes, I knew them well.

Tell us about Peter. He was related to you wasn’t he?

Mark: Some say he was. I am not sure.  He was a very close friend of the family for a long time and as a lad, because I tagged along with him, I got to see so much of what happened.  He came to Mum’s place after he was released from prison by the angel the Lord had sent.

Yes, tell us about that.

Mark:  Well Peter had been in prison for telling people about the Messiah. There were FOUR squads of guards to keep him there and he was asleep between two of them IN DOUBLE CHAINS. There were sentries at the door too!!!   I mean what harm can a poor fisherman do?

Well an angel appeared to him and told him to get up. The chains just dropped off his hands. Peter was in such a daze that the angel had to tell him to put on his clothes and they just walked out. 

Just walked out!!!

Yes!!! Just like that!!!  The gate to the prison just opened like an automatic door. They walked about a block and poof!!!! The angel was gone.  Peter sort of woke up and realised he was outside and came straight to our place.

What were you doing there?

Mark: We were all praying for him.

You must have been very worried for him.

Mark:  Well no. We all had peace about it.  He was in great danger but we knew God would take care of him so we had peace eben though we were concerned for him.

Tell me about Rhoda

Mark: (laughing) She heard his knock at the gate so she went down to see who was there.  Peter called to her and she recognised his voice but she got such a shock that he was out of prison and safe that she ran inside and told us all and left him in the street!!!!  We gave her heaps about it for years.

I bet you were all delighted with the news.

Mark:  Well no. At first we didn’t believe her. Told her she had seen a ghost.  We didn’t show much faith at that stage.  Poor old Peter was standing in the street bellowing, not knowing if the soldiers were after him or not.  He had a quick temper you know but he learned to hold his peace as he got older.

I bet you had a party after that.

Mark: Well, we all had great joy then because he was safe but Peter was concerned for James and the other brothers cause he knew that they would be worried.  It is a good thing for us to have peace in ourselves but we must also do things to make sure others have it too.

Peter knew that if he stayed with us, WE would not be safe cause Mum’s place would be the first place the soldiers would look for him so he went somewhere else.

Now the book you have written is known as the Gospel of Mark. Some say that Peter dictated it.  This gives us a first hand witnesses to what happened.

Mark: It is true I wrote the book but does Peter tell us he dictated it to me?

Well no but…

Mark:  I have found it to be wise to hold one’s peace about what others choose not to tell.  It is not my place to tell something that someone else may not want talked about.  It makes for peace all round.

But it helps us to know that gospels were records of the people who were there.

Mark: You need less faith if you think Peter actually dictated it but they ARE written from first hand experience. 

Um OK.  Well people say that you are the young man who followed Jesus when all the others had run away and left Him.

Mark: Well… (embarrassed)  yes.

Tell us what happened.

Mark: Well, I was there when they went up to the Garden after Passover. Everyone was sad because The Master had told them He was to die.  They didn’t really understand it all at the time. It was all a mess really. Judas had disappeared and we didn’t know if he had had a blue with Jesus or what.

It must have been very frightening for you.  You were only a young lad at the time.

Mark: Yes it was but I somehow knew, even then, that God had something planned for me and that what was happening was really important.  I was frightened but I had peace about it.  Didn’t make sense at the time but it does now.

Tell us about Jesus.  How was He?

Mark: Well he was only a young man too. Older than me but he was still young.  He was really uptight about what was going to happen. I just loved Him. He was my hero. I had no Dad in my life and He and Peter and Barnabus sort of took me on.

Jesus was fun and He did the most amazing things like healing people and the loaves and fishes and stuff but He still was a real person. You know He got tired and angry too. Mate, He got angry at times. I remember the time He threw the moneychangers out of the temple.  We kept away from Him for a few hours after that.

But He had a sort of calm peace about Him even when He was telling us off, especially Peter. Peter was always in trouble.

Aren’t you gossiping now?

Mark: No. It is all in the Book.  Anyone can read it.

Sorry. Back to that awful night.

Mark: Well, Jesus was distressed and so He did what we all do when things are tough and we want peace.  He went off and prayed.  He took Peter, James and John with Him and asked them to stay with Him.  Well, He fell on the ground and asked God to spare Him from the terrible thing that was to happen.  It was so sad… and scary.   But He showed enormous faith and peace cause the next thing He says is “Nevertheless not my will but Thy will”.

Mate that rocked us. Do you know what He had agreed to do?

Be hung on a post to die slowly.  Yes sort of.

Mark: Well, if you haven’t seen it you have no idea how terrible it is. 

Then He comes and tells them to pray for strength not to fall into temptation.  He was thinking of US!!!    Can you imagine? In the middle knowing what is going to happen to Him, He thinks of US

Amazing!!! What happened next?

Mark: Well the soldiers and Judas came, all armed to the eyeballs.  Judas even kissed Him…(anger, bitterness..) but we won’t go there.   Jesus just gave Himself up knowing what was coming.  He was so calm and at peace and He was still thinking about us.  It all still blows me away.

Did the disciples put up a fight?

Mark: (Joking) Guess who did?  Peter did. Cut some poor fellow’s ear off but Jesus healed it.  The they all bolted. 

Did you go with them?

Mark: No I wasn’t going to leave HIM.   He was my hero.  I followed thinking I was being cool, being a secret agent… but the soldiers spotted me.

What happened?

Mark: Do I have to?


Mark: (Reluctantly) They grabbed me but I twisted away from them. I was still quite small then, but they held onto my robe.  I managed to twist out of it and get away.

How did you get home?

Mark: I ran!. Very fast!! Cause I had no clothes on!!!!   Thank God it was nighttime.  They gave me heaps about that too.   I didn’t mind really. I was embarrassed but it was OK.  If I didn’t have peace about it I would have left it out of the book.

 Tell us about your experiences with Paul, Saul of Tarsus. 

Mark:  Well the story is in the book.  I don’t want to go into more detail than that.

Didn’t you have an argument?

Mark: We had a disagreement and went our separate ways. The Lord ended up with two works instead of one.  Paul and I made our peace and I was with him at the end.  It is common knowledge that he was a difficult man but sometimes one has to kick butts to get things done and that can cause friction.  The details are not important.

The important thing is that the job was done, God’s kingdom was extended and Paul learned in his later years to hold his peace a bit more, too, and get along with people. There are many ways to achieve the same result and the path of love and peace will last for eternity. But peace doesn’t mean rolling over and letting people walk all over you.  It is a difficult balance.

Well thank you John Mark.  You certainly have given me plenty to think about.  I thought I would get some interesting gossip or the answers to some questions that have been around for ages. However, you have made me see that peace, both for myself and for others is more important than my curiosity.

Thank you for appearing on our show.

As a token of our appreciation for coming on the show, I’d like to present you with this banana.  Bananas represent peace.  They are quiet to eat and when they are just ripe, they are easy to peel.  To be enjoyed they need to be ripe enough not to feel awful in your mouth but not mushie just like it is hard to get the balance between the need to keep our peace and speak out.  You can have great peace when eating a banana. And you don’t even have to get your hands dirty eating them.

MEMORY VERSE: Exodus 14:14.  The Lord will fight for you while you keep still.

                                        DAY 3       SABBATH 29TH



OK.  Our guest today is someone really important.  She rose from being an orphan girl to the Queen of the land where she lived and she was able to save her people from destruction.  She is

……..Queen Ester.

Your Majesty. You are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us.

ESTER:  No! No! Please!  I am but a simple girl under all these beautiful clothes.  We are all part of the same family. We are all brothers and sisters as we worship the same God.  Please call me Hadassah, which is the name of my people. Ester is the Persian name.

What an amazing life you have had.  Literally going from rags to riches, major plots and then saving your people.   How did you get into this situation?

ESTER: Well ... let me see. We were living in Sushan during the reign of Ahasuerus.

We know him better as Artaxerxes or just Xerxes.  We have archaeological evidence that he reigned in Persia, what we call Iran, about 500 years before the Messiah was born.

ESTER: Oh. OK. (Puzzled)  He was the grandson of Cyrus who sent our people back to Jerusalem under Nehemiah and Ezra but some of us decided to stay in Persia.  My parents died when I was very young and is the custom with our people, my next of kin, a cousin, adopted me. His name was Mordecai and we are all of the tribe of Benjamin.

He was a good kind man to me and taught me the ways of our people about the True God, Yahweh.  He was an official who worked at the palace gates so he was something to do with security or justice.  I don’t know what.

                                        How did you end up in the palace?

Ester:  Well the king’s first wife, Queen Vashti, was deposed.  You know she was a Queen in her own right being the granddaughter of Nebuchadnezzar.  The King had had a big party for 180 days to show off how great he was.  He finished it off with a big boozeup in the palace. No expense was spared.  Silver chairs and silks etc.  All the men, “high and low”, boozed for seven days. It was disgusting.  The King was drunk.... As usual. (Disgust)

Well, at the end of the 7 days he sent a message to Queen Vashti to come before these men “with her crown”.  Some say this meant that she was to appear naked with only her crown on.  Others say it was so he could make fun of her because she was a queen to show how tough he was.  She refused.  He deposed her.

Wasn’t she right in refusing to lower her dignity in front such men… in front of anyone?

Ester:  Of course!!!  We women must protect our modesty.  HER mistake was to refuse him when he was drunk.  If she had had patience and put up with his bad behaviour for a time by making an excuse not to come, our God would have helped her…. Or the King would have passed out.  Poor lady. She didn't know our God.


So how did that help you?

Ester: Well, the king called for all the most beautiful maidens in the whole country to be brought to the palace for him to choose a new queen.  I got chosen.  I don’t know how but Uncle told me that Yahveh must have a plan for me and to be patient and wise and wait and see what He revealed.  I was scared. I didn’t want to go.  I was only about 12 years.

                                             So what happened

 Ester: They put us into a special harem. you know the special quarters for the king’s women.   The wife is special and has special status…. As she should.

Well Hege, the eunich… you know what a eunuch is?  Oh.... (bit embarrassed) Well ask me later.  He was a darling.  When he saw how frightened I was and different from the other girls… they were all so excited to get this chance.  I was scared and wanted to be with my people but I held my peace as Uncle had said to.  Well Hege took me under his wing.  The Lord did look after me as Uncle has said He would.  Hege even gave me 7 servants!!  Imagine!!

Tell us about the process of preparation.

Ester:  It took a year. We were not allowed in the sun at all so our skin would bleach. We had six months being rubbed with oil of myrrh. Have you smelled that stuff?  Yuck… and Six months with balm and perfumes.  We had steam baths and massages each day and learned court ettiquette … you know… how to address the king and court officials ….  (a bit embarrassed) and other stuff.

 Then it came your turn.

Ester:  Yes.  It was four years after Vashti was deposed that I was called. I had hoped I could escape and go back to my people but once I was called it meant I had to stay in the palace with no one but the King and women and eunuchs for the rest of my life.  I hated that. (Sad and a bit upset) How could God use me there? ...   (resigned and sparks up) But I trusted Yahweh and had patience. .... You know the meaning of patience is long temper…. The opposite to a short temper.  I learned about patience from Queen Vashti.  And I trusted God.

Yes we sometime say forbearance…. You bear something for a long while

Ester: Oh.  Well the King saw something different in me from the other girls and took a liking to me. He asked me back and eventually made me the Queen.  The wedding banquet was some party!!!  It was so rich!!!  Even the poor people got some of the goodies.

So how was your life from then on?

Ester:  Well I had my own apartments and court and my main job was to entertain important people and be a “companion” for the King. I was involved in the politics because I was a wife and not a concubine. I was the Queen. 

That was how I got to know Haman.  He was an awful man, an Agagite, you know, so what would you expect?


Sorry I don’t understand

Ester: Well, they descended from Esau through a concubine and have hated my people since the Exodus…. Horrible people.... But that is another story.


Tell us about Haman

Ester:  He used to drink with The King.  I had to put up with Haman for years.  He was so puffed up that he conned the King into signing a Law that the people had to bow down to HIM,.. to Haman.  I mean!!! Really!!  I was OK cause I was the Queen. The King and I were the only two above him.

Well. Uncle wouldn't, so Haman hated him because he would not bow down to him when he passed.  I mean!!!!!  Bow down to a man!!  And an Agagite at that. No way!!! That is for God alone.  I don’t think so!!!! 

Then he told the king that there was a whole RACE of people who were different from the Persians. But it was really because Uncle wouldn’t bow to him… It was one man who had offended him and he was prepared to wipe out millions of people.  So he got the king to decree that all the Jews should be killed on a certain date. 

I didn’t know at first cause I was in the harem and we don’t hear stuff from outside but Uncle put on a real turn outside the royal gate. Sackcloth and ashes. The whole bit.  (Embarrassed) I had to send down a maid to find out was a going on.  It was all a bit much.  I mean I was the Queen.  In the end I had to send Hatach, my guard to stop him.

Hatach told me about what Haman had done and I was shocked.  Uncle wanted me to speak to the king.  It was not as easy as that.

Why not. You were the Queen.

Ester: Well you never speak to the king first. He can kill you for that


Your joking!!  You’re his wife.

Ester:  (Give me a look of contempt at my lack of understanding) No that is the way it is. The king had not visited me for 30 days so I knew he was not happy with me so I was putting my life in danger by going to him.  I can tell you I was pretty scared. I was torn.  It is obvious that this is what God had put me here for all those years ago. Uncle had told me that.  I was just confused. I didn’t know what to do.  I was my people’s only chance but what if I blew it?

So what did you do?

Ester: Well I didn’t rush into it.  I was patient and had faith in The One True God. I asked Uncle to get all the people to fast and pray for me and we waited patiently on God for three days.

What did He do?

Ester:  Well I had peace at the end of the time. I knew I would probably die but then I would die if I were outside too. (Shrugs shoulders)  I knew that Yahweh would look after me so I had peace.  I just said, “If I perish, I perish.” 

Then I worked out a plan.

Oh Hadassah I am so sorry. We have run out of time. The kids will have just have to read and find out what happened in the story.

As a token of our thanks for coming all this way we would like to present you with a lychee.

Ester: A lychee?

Yes lychees require a lot of patience to get to enjoy the wonderful flesh. You have to very carefully peel off every bit of the hard yucky skin bit by bit and show long temper not to give up.  But it is worth it.

Every time you see a lychee you will remember to be patient which is one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

                                             MEMORY VERSE:

Hebrews 10:36.  For you need patience to gain the promised blessings on completing what God wills.


 DAY 4        SUNDAY 30TH



 Intro etc.

Our guest today is an obscure young lady from an obscure town in Israel.  In fact it is so obscure that we don’t know where she came from or when she lived or to which tribe she belonged.  In fact she is so obscure that we don’t even know her name.  We only know her as

Naaman’s slave girl!!!!!!!!!

Welcome my dear. What can we call you?

NS:  I cannot remember my Hebrew name and I prefer not to be called by my Syrian name.  You may call me Yeldar, which is what I remember my mother calling me.


OK Yeldar.  What does that mean?

Yeldar:  It just means girl.  Sometimes she would say Yledar tov, good girl or Yeldar katarn, which means little girl.  So I just think of myself as Yeldar.


You must have been very young when you were taken from your home.


Yeldar: I was. I was only a child at the time. I don’t know what happened to mother and father. I supposed they are dead. 

Can you tell us what happened?

Yeldar:  Well, the Syrians raided our town and took me captive.  The men of the town tried to defend themselves but the Syrians were too strong.  One of the Syrian men just scooped me up from the ground and held me on his horse, as I was running back to the village. I had been helping Mummy collect the water from the well when they came. 


How terrible!!!


Well I kicked and screamed, of course, but the man just laughed and said something in Syrian. I didn’t understand what he said then, (brighter) but I would now.


What happened next

Yeldar: Well they took me and the others and the sheep and goats back to their camp. I waited for Father and the men to come and rescue me but they didn’t (sadly) so I had to accept that something had happened to them.  I knew they would have tried to save me if they could. 

It must have been terrible for you.  You must have been frightened.

Yeldar:  Sadly) I was. (Brighter)But I tried to remember the stories Mother and Grandmother had told me about the Men of Old, and the women too, who had been brave and done great things for The One True God.  Deborah even led the people and Rahab helped the spies.  She would have been scared too.

But you were only a little girl.  Much younger than 12.

Yeldar:  I know.  But it could have been worse.  It could have been the Assyrians.  (Shudders).  I ended up as the serving girl in Naaman, the General’s, household.  Apart from missing my family terribly the work was the same as home.  My mistress was kind to me so I was happy to fit in. I had to.  I didn’t know where home was if I could run away.


Tell us about Naaman. He was a very famous man, wasn’t he?

Yeldar: Oh yes. He was the Captain of the army of the king of Syria. He was very important because the Lord used him to bring victory to Syria.  I think by beating those awful Assyrians, Naaman was really protecting Israel.

Isn’t the Lord kind?

I heard that Naaman was an outstanding man. Is that so?

Yeldar: I suppose so.  He was very loud at home. We were all … not afraid… but in awe of him.  We knew who was boss of the house. My mistress said that many men who are good leaders can be aggressive to us lesser people. But she was always kind, my mistress.

Did he shout at you?

Yeldar:  Of course. I was scared of him.  He was so big and he felt … big and strong and was so….


Yeldar: Yes!!!  Well he was an important man…… but you can still be kind even if you are important.

He had a major problem though, didn’t he?

Yeldar: Yes he had leprosy.  He was in a lot of pain. You should have heard him yell when the doctors dressed the wound.  It was awful!! And the smell!!!!  I hated it because in our people, we make lepers go and live outside the town.  It is so sad but it stops the leprosy spreading to other people.  Kind people take them food and stuff so they don’t suffer too much but you can’t touch them.  Well Naaman lived with us and still worked with the King.   (Shrugs) People do things differently.

You showed great kindness to him didn’t you.

Yeldar:  Well I felt sorry for him even though he was a scary. The Talmud claims that "deeds of kindness are equal in weight to all the commandments." And The Word defines love as being `patient and kind.

The Scriptures of our people say to love your neighbour as yourself. I can remember my mother saying that and she was always kind to people, especially the lepers out in the camp so I knew how I should behave.

At first I didn’t want to help him cause he was so awful to us but when I said my prayers at night I knew it was what Mother… and  God would have wanted so I did.

Did you say your prayers every night?  But you were a young girl so far from home.

Yeldar:  Well it is what my people do so I did.

I knew I had to be kind, even if I didn’t really want to so I told my mistress about the prophet in Samaria who could heal the Master

 Well she went to the Master and told him and he went to the King and told him what I had said.

Wow that is amazing.  Naaman told the king what a serving girl had said.  He must have seen something in your life that made him realise that the One True God was… the One true God.

Yeldar: The Lord was kind to me.  So the King was kind to Naaman and gave him all this money and all these clothes and told him to go to the King of Israel.  Typical man. He didn’t listen. I said the PROPHET in Samaria but they went to the king.  They just didn’t get it.  Men like to do it their own way, don’t they?

What happened?  Did he find the prophet?

Yeldar: No. Of course not. Kings are easy to find. Prophets have to find you.


Yeldar: Well, the king was a dope.  My mistress told me so that’s how I know.  He panicked when Naaman arrived and thought HE had to do something about it.  What a dope. As if a mere man could heal.  Only God can heal like that.  “Am I God who can kill or restore to life”, he wailed. I think he thought that the King of Syria was trying to stir up trouble for him but he wasn’t.

So how did Elisha get involved?

Yeldar: Well...  Maybe God told him. He does with prophets you know.  Anyhow Elisha sent a message to the king saying to tell Naaman to come to him.

Did he go?

Yeldar: Yes.  I guess he had come that far he might as well do it all. Can you imagine?   Naaman with all his chariots and glory and shining armour standing outside the weird little house that Elisha had.  Elisha wouldn’t even come out to speak to him…. Well I guess he was a leper so he couldn’t.  Funny the King was happy to talk to him. Elisha told him to go and wash himself seven times in the Jordan River.  Have you seen the Jordan?


Yeldar: Well it is not much more than a muddy creek.  Naaman was furious.  He knew what Elisha should do!!!  He was boss.  Not some pipsqueak prophet.  He should have waved his hands over him.  And that river!!!  No way!!!  He had better rivers at home.  He was in a right tizz.

So he spat the dummy?  What happened?

Yeldar: Spat the dummy? (Doesn’t undersatnd the expression)  I guess so.  One of the servants talked him into doing what he had been told.  He said “wash and be clean”.  Simple. Reminds me of baptism.

And did he?

Yeldar: Yes.  And when he came up his body was like that of a child.  I think that meant that his war wound scars were healed too but I didn’t ask.  He is the master after all.

You know the best part was that he acknowledged that “there is no God on all the earth except the God in Israel”.  He took a cartload of earth back to Syria. Silly man thought that you had to be in Israel to worship the One True God but I knew that wasn’t true.  I had been in Syria for ages and God was always with me.

You know it is amazing how a little bit of kindness can achieve so much if you let God work.

Thank you!!!!  We call kindness one of the Fruits of the Spirit.  I think it is like a mandarin. Getting started can be the hard part but once you have the first bit of skin off it is easy.  When you show kindness not only does the person you have helped get the benefits but also so do you and those around you see you.  Like the smell form a mandarin; skin kindness is a pleasing aroma to the Lord.  Please accept this mandarin as a remembrance of out time together.

                                               MEMORY VERSE:

 …. you are a gracious God, merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and grieved at sin.   Jonah 4:2

Psalm 31:19  How great is your goodness which You have reserved for those who honour thee.

FEAST 2007.


DAY 5       MONDAY 1ST




Usual introduction

Today our special guest is a very special man, known to everyone if not by name or for his greatest work, but for his encounters with lions.

May I present Daniel bar Judah

Daniel. Welcome.  How wonderful to meet you at last. We have heard so much about you and your amazing friends.

Daniel: Thank you.

Everyone had heard the story of you in the lions’ den. Can you tell us how you ended up there?

Daniel:  (Thoughtfully) Well it all started before I was born. 

You were born into a noble family in Jerusalem in Judah.

Daniel: Yes Father was one of the “rulers” and I expected that I would follow him.  He served King Josiah for most of his rule.  You remember King Josiah?

Well not personally.  He was the young lad who God made king when he was only eight years old

Daniel: Yes. He was only eight years old when God used him by making him king. You don’t have to be a grown up for God to call you.  Then when he was about 16, after he had been reigning 8 years, he realised that God had called him to “clean up” Judah by getting rid of the idols and the evil practices.

What sort of evil practices?

Daniel: Well, God had no place in the people’s lives. Worshipping something made of stone was only a sign that they didn’t want to include God in their decisions and lives.

Just like today.

Daniel: Yes I guess so. Well Josiah got rid of all the idols and porn sites and sex shops and tried to make the people be honest with each other…

In other words, obey God’s Law.

Daniel: Yes.  They were not good people.  Goodness is doing things that are a BENEFIT to others.  That is a summary of The Law.  Jesus said, “Love one another” and that is so true but you can commit any sin in the name of love, so you need to know The Law as well.

True. So how did you end up in the lions’ den?

Daniel: Well. I learned from my people that if you obey God’s Law, God will look after you.  That doesn’t mean you will not have to face difficulties but when you do, God will take care of you.  Look at my mates Hanniah, Mishael and Azariah, they knew …

Sorry who?

Daniel: Hanniah, Mishael and Azariah.. You know they ended up in the furnace…

Oh you mean Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego.

Daniel:  That’s their Babylonian names!!!  PFFFT!!!!  Well when they wouldn’t bow down to the king’s idol and the king was going to throw them into the furnace they were scared but they had faith and they said “Our God will save us BUT!!!! If he doesn’t, it’ll be sweet. We ain’t bowing down to no idol. That is faith.

Yes we will get to them later.  How did you end up in with the lions?

Daniel: Well when we got to Babylon after the capture Ashpenaz, the eunuch in charge of us, gave us all this rich food straight from the king’s table. I mean we were royalty of our land and were entitled to be treated well.  But I knew the food had probably been offered to idols… it’s their way, you know… and our Law says we just must not eat food that has been offered to idols.  It is a form of acknowledging other Gods.  Besides it was often unclean which is another Law

So how did that make you end up in the lion’s den?

Daniel: Well they also gave us only wine to drink and we had a lot of study to do and we were still only teenagers… you know drugs affect you worst and for the rest of your life if you take them when you are a teenager, especially boys

Drugs? What drugs did they have in your day?

Daniel: Alcohol.

Oh yes, I didn’t think of that. Alcohol is a drug.

Daniel: Dhuuurrr. So rather than have an argument everyday about what we would eat, I asked Ashpenaz if we could go vegetarian and drink water.  That way we honoured God and kept the peace.  Bit boring, but whatever.

Like Mark talked about.

Daniel:  Who?

Doesn’t matter.  So the king got angry and put you in the lions’ den?

Daniel:  No. (Thinks….What’s the matter with her?)

What happened.

Daniel: Well poor old Ashpenaz was pretty scared. He thought we would loose weight and have no energy and the king would kill  him.  So I was patient and kind and we talked about it and decided to give it a ten-day trial and see what happened.

And. They put with the lions for that?

Daniel: No.  We were … then.  We had honoured God by keeping His law and living our lives His way. So He honoured us.  It would have been easier …. and kept the peace just as well…. T cave in but that is not God’s way. Of course we were fine so we didn’t have to worry any more. We had peace with men and God.

And you went on to become a very important person in the kingdom, didn’t you?   God used you big time. You ended up almost running the whole empire. But there were more tests to see if you loved God enough to do things His way. 

Daniel: Well yes.  That is when I ended up in the lion’s den.  I knew I had to stand for the one true God.  No body was going to stop ME praying when I knew I should.  But God looked after me as He said He would.  It just takes faith.

Then there were the King’s dreams and interpreting them. That was pretty scary too cause all those other blokes were killed but God was there.  And then there was the time when the King went mad and I…..

Unfortunately we have to wait for another day to hear about those times.

Please take this apple as a token of our thanks for appearing on Fruitloop Kids.

Daniel: An apple?  (In surprise)

Yes every time you eat an apple remember that it is like being good and living by God’s Law.  Apples are a bit hard to eat, you have to chew hard to get the lovely juice. Everyone around you can hear that you are eating it and want to have one too.  You know what they say, ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Well, the Law a day keeps sin away.  And showing goodness and making sure your actions are good for other people is one of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Pro 21:21  He that follows after rightness and mercy finds life, righteousness, and honour.


FEAST 2007.


DAY 6        TUESDAY 2ND



                                                     Usual introduction

Today our guest needs no introduction.   He is mentioned 132 times in the Bible because of the great act of trust in the Lord that he showed.  The fact that he is the son of a very famous father and the father of a very famous son is also intriguing.

Let us welcome Isaac, Son of Abraham!!!

Welcome Isaac.  Well I guess everyone here knows your story and what a wonderful story it is too.

Isaac:  Thankyou.  I really didn’t have a great deal to do with it. The Lord provided for me and I was OK.  I had faith that He would look after me and He did.  But I have to admit it looked pretty scary there for a while.

Well faith runs in your family doesn’t it?  There have been many great men of faith, and women too, down through your family history.

Isaac:  Well yes.  There is a book called Hebrews I think,.. It was written after my time… that talks about the people who gained approval from God just by showing faith.  Mind you that means they had to do something.  You can’t just sit there and say I have faith.  You only know you have real faith when you get off your backside and do something. That is the hard part.

Tell me about some of these ancestors who lived their faith. 

Isaac: Well there was Abel. He was the first.

I thought Adam was the first.

Isaac: Well Adam didn’t live the faith he had.  He didn’t stand up to temptation. Abel trusted God enough to do what God asked and believed that God would do what He said despite what Cain said.

Then there was Enoch. He realised that without faith it is impossible to please God.

Then there was Noah who built the boat despite everyone laughing at him. It took 120 years to build.  That is a lot of rubbishing but he persisted. He had patience.

And then there was your Dad. And your Mum

Isaac: Yes. People say I am the greatest example but I only really did one thing.  The rest of the time I struggled.  Mummy and Father were the real ones.  And Rebekah. my wife you know.

How come. Tell us.  I always thought yours was the greatest act of faith.

Isaac: Well it was but real faith is not a once off thing. For it to be real you have to hang onto it for a long time, forever really.

Mummy and Father left their lovely home in Ur and went and lived in a tent and wandered for years. In some ways it was harder for Mummy cause she was living Father’s dream. 

Then God visited Father and told him that he would have millions of kids when they had no kids of their own.  They believed and never stopped waiting.

Your mother lost her faith at one stage didn’t she?

Isaac: Well no. But she tried to make it happen herself and not be patient with God She told Father to take Hagar as his concubine. They both slipped up there.  Father could have said no. Big mistake.  I hear you people are paying for that mistake still.

Yes, the Arab/Israel conflict.

Isaac: Well God visited them again and told them that I was going to be born soon and she laughed because she was 90 and Father was 100.  She couldn’t work out how it could happen cause they were so old. But The Lord said “Is anything beyond the Lord’s reach?”

I always remembered that.  “Is anything beyond the Lord’s reach”

What happened when you were almost a teenager?

Isaac:  Oh yes. That was scary.  Father woke me early one morning and said we were going up the mountain to make a sacrifice.  This was not unusual.  We got the wood and the donkeys and two servants and set off. We went a long way, much further than normal. I didn't think much of it at first. I was half-asleep and it was cold but after we travelled a couple of days I started to get worried. When Father left the men at the foot of the mountain and asked me to take the wood and he carried the fire and the knife, I started to get scared.  There was no sheep.

Our people had never offered humans to our God. We always used animals but the local people did and I started to get really worried.  Maybe Father had lost the plot.  So I asked him  “Where is the lamb?”  He just said, “God will provide”.

Wow that must have been scary.  Why didn’t you argue and yell at him?

Isaac: He was my father and it is part of God’s way to treat parents with respect. Besides I had faith in him and in God.

When we got to the top we built the altar and put the wood on it. Still there was no lamb.  I was looking around but none had appeared.  By now I pretty scared.  I could see Father was up tight too. He didn’t want to do what he was doing but I guess God hadn’t let him down yet so he obeyed.

Then he bound me up with cord and picked me up…..  I was still a kid…. and put me on the altar.


Mate I was scared.

Why didn’t you fight him?

Isaac: He was my father and God had told him what to do.  I just trusted God that even if I died it would be OK.  But I remembered that God had told Father that he would be the Father of Nations and  it wasn’t going to happen through Ishmael.  So God needed me and must be testing us so I waited, ………praying like anything, ……believe me.

What happened next?

Isaac: Father took the knife and had raised it up to kill me…

No!!!  He went that far!!!

Isaac: Yes. I saw it glinting in the sunlight. I thought, "This is it", and shut my eyes.


Isaac: Well that was when the Angel of the Lord, you know that special one, called out and stopped him.  The Angel told father that now He knew that he really did trust God and would do anything for Him.  He saw a ram caught in the bushes by its horn so it would not be damaged and we sacrificed that instead.   I don’t know who was the more grateful, Father or me.

You said Rebekah your wife also showed faith when you didn’t

Isaac: Yes well when the twins were born God told us that the younger would rule the older but I didn’t like Jacob.   (Say with disgust)…..He was a mummy’s boy, always in the tent cooking like a woman.  I didn’t have faith that he could manage all the property we had.   (Proudly)  Esau was a man and out in the field so I wanted to give the blessing to him. We both knew what God had said but I didn’t have faith. In the end my wife had to trick me into doing the right thing.

God was right as it turned out. Funny thing that.

So even when kids are almost teenagers they can show their faith in God and live their life the way He asks?  A bit like an avocado isn’t it. You have to buy them green and you can’t tell what they will be like when they are ready or how big the seed will be until you open it when it is ripe. That takes faith. 

Thank you Isaac.


                                               MEMORY VERSE

Mark4:40  And He said to them “Why were you afraid?  Have you still no faith?”

FEAST 2007.



CENTURIAN’S Slave           


 Today we have two guests.  I bet no one can guess who they are.

Both children were used by Jesus but it was the adults in their lives who showed the last fruit of the spirit we are going to look for.  We also need to remember that the one person who showed the fruits of the spirit ALL the time and in EVERYTHING He did is our greatest example. Who was that?

The first child used by Christ was just a slave boy.  We don’t know his name or how old he was but his master showed the six fruits we have learned about so far as well as the new one.  Call them out when you find them.

Let me introduce The Centurion’s Slave!!!!

Welcome, my dear.  What can I call you? 

Slave: Don’t worry. If it was important to know my name God would have put it in the book.

OK.  Tell me what happened to you when Jesus came into your life.

Slave:  Well I was very sick. I was almost dead they told me later.  When they told my master he was very upset because even though he was a tough soldier in the Roman army and in charge of 100 men, he was a loving person and treated us all kindly. 

What do you mean Kind?

Slave: Well he treated us as he would have wanted people to treat him.

He was also kind to God’s people by helping them get their synagogue built. He showed me, a slave boy, great love.  He could have let me die and just bought another slave.

I guess so what did he do?

Well he went to the Jewish leaders and asked them to get Jesus to come to heal me.

Why did he go to the Jewish leaders? Why didn’t he go to Jesus himself?

Slave: Well he must have been a good man because he felt that he was not good enough to come near Jesus. Besides he wanted to keep the peace and not upset the Jews. 

What do you mean not good enough?

Slave: My master realised that Jesus might be offended at having to come into the house of a gentile …

That was very patient of your master.  He did not know Jesus as well as we do. He is more loving than that.

Slave:….so he ran out and met Jesus in the road and said to Him. “Lord. Don’t worry anymore.  I am not good enough for you to come into my place.  Just say the word and the boy will be healed.”

Well I guess he was used to people doing what he said being a boss in the army.

Slave: Well that is what my master said.

So did He come? Did you get to meet him?

Slave:  The moment my master said that I was well.  I mean really well.

You know Jesus said He had never seen such faith as my master’s in all of Israel.  Isn’t that wonderful?  He really believed that Jesus could heal me and did something about it by going to Him!!!

I bet there was great joy in the house that day.

Slave: Yes and for the rest of our lives.

Thankyou.  What a wonderful story.


                                     JAIRUS DAUGHTER            Katelyn

Our second guest, we know was just twelve years old when Jesus was able to use her to show His power and love. The fact that she got an amazing benefit, one that none of us here have ever had, is just how the system works.  You let Jesus use you and YOU will be the one blessed!!!

Let me introduce Jairus’ daughter.

Welcome my dear.  How lovely to see you.  We very nearly didn’t, did we?

JD: Well no, I guess not.

All we know about you is that you were twelve years old when God used you to show His great love.  Are you able to tell us about that time?

JD: Well I didn’t do anything that God could use.  I was so sick that I can’t remember much.  I learned that God can use the bad times as well as the good times in our lives.

Well we tend to listen to Him more in the bad times. But you actually died, didn’t you.

JD: They tell me I did.  I don’t remember.


Do you want to tell us the story?

JD:  Well I got sick and was in bed and Father had heard about Jesus through the synagogue.. that’s our church you know.



JD:  Well there was a big noise in the town down by the Lake and someone said that Jesus had just arrived Father went rushing down to the shore and right in the middle of Him speaking to His disciples, Father knelt in front of Him and told Him I was dying.  It was so embarrassing.  I mean he was a ruler in the synagogue…

Um what is that?

JD: He was like a minister. He was pretty important. He knew God’s Law and kept it really carefully and was really honest.

So he showed goodness

JD:  Yes he had to be a ruler. Everyone knew him. There were heaps of people there and he told them I was dying.  How embarrassing!!!  He asked Him to heal me.  How embarrassing!!!

Your father showed great faith and love for you.

JD:  I guess soWell Jesus started to come straight away and the whole town followed them up the main street to our house.

Didn’t something happen on the way though?

JD: Oh yes.  A dirty woman reached out and touched Jesus prayer shawl.  She was bleeding!!  Yuck!!  So that made her unclean but Father was kind to people like that.

Did Jesus avoid the poor woman?

JD: Jesus didn’t know she touched Him until He felt the “power had gone out of Him”…..  whatever that means …. and He made her admit who had touched Him.

Well I guess He felt weak all of a sudden so His energy must have healed the lady.  He showed great love to her by being kind to her even when she was pretty awful, didn’t He?  She must have had great faith to believe she could be healed just by touching His prayer shawl.  What was your father doing?  I bet he was pretty upset about the delay.

JD: Oh he was. He told me he just wanted to tell them all to get out of the way but he was patient and just waited till Jesus was ready.

He must have been a very loving man to show such longsuffering.  Love isn’t something we feel. It is something we do.  We have to choose to do it.

JD: Oh. OK.  Well when Jesus had finished with the lady, they came to my place but it was too late.

What do you mean?

JD: It was too late. Someone came to tell Father that I had died. If that woman hadn’t stopped Him it might have been OK.

But it was OK.  It didn’t happen the way you thought it should but it was great. Better even.  Two people got healed.

JD: I guess so. I hadn’t thought of it that way. 

Well Jesus told Father to have faith that I would be healed. All he had to do was “Simply believe”.  Can you understand that?

Well yes. It just means that you make a decision that your are going to accept what Jesus says rather than what to world says.  It is pretty simple.  Not easy but simple.

JD:  OK.   Well it took so long that the flute players and the crowd Mummy had hired to mourn nice and loudly were there already.  They had to bury us quickly in those days.  No fridges, you know.

When Jesus arrived with all the crowd with Him it was a real mess. People everywhere, shouting and wailing and cymbals.  Jesus told them all to go away and leave us alone because I was not dead, just sleeping.

What did they say to that?

JD: What do you think?  They laughed and made fun of Him.  But He kept His peace. So did Father. He could have just thrown them out of the house. Jesus just took Mummy and Father and Peter, James and …  I have forgotten the last one.

John probably. What did He do?

JD: They came into my room and Jesus just took my hand and said “Talitha cumi” and I got up.

Um what does that mean?

JD: Oh sorry.  “Little girl get up”.  That was all.  Mother and Father were full of joy.

I was alive again and the first thing I saw was this face in front of me. It wasn’t a handsome face but there was something so special about it.  I’ll never forget it.

Well I think you could say that you saw perfect Love in a person.  Your father did pretty well too cause he showed all the fruits of the spirit including love.

Please accept a gift from us.  A bunch of grapes is like love cause it comes in little bits and has so many aspects like the flavours in a grape, skin, seed, flesh, and juice.  When you put all those bits together you get a bunch of grapes and that can lead to so many other wonderful things like raisins, wine, vinegar, alcohol for medicine etc.

Love is like that.  If you give out a little bit each time you can you end up with a big bunch and then you can do so much more than you ever realised can.

Kids if you have Jesus in your life and you choose to follow Him all these fruits will show themselves in you. You will be blessed and so many people around you will be too.  And do you know who else will be blessed?



                                                  MEMORY VERSE:

John 3:16.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

FEAST 2007.




DAY 1        THURSDAY 27TH


Alissa                   Luke 1-3, Matthew 13:55

                   Matt 27:54-56, John 19:25 Acts 1:14

Confusion over who was there…


Joy:   cheerfulness

Calm delight

Calm gladness     Paul was joyful in his tribulation

                             Wise men joyful when they saw the star stop. They had reached their goal but they still had lots of problems.

CHEER cheerfulness, calm delight, calm gladness


MEMORY VERSE:  James 1:2

Consider it complete joy, my brothers, when you become involved in all sorts of trials.


DAY 2        FRIDAY 28TH

MARK       Johnno

Acts 12:12, 14:37, Phi 3:14, Col 4:10 2 Tit 4:11

Phm 5:13   

Peace  JOIN become one, quietness, rest, set at one again                    

Copped Paul’s abuse and many words. He was only a lad. Paul finally learned to tone down his enthusiasm.


MEMORY VERSE: Exodus 14:14.  The Lord will fight for you while you keep still.



DAY 3        SABBATH 29TH

ESTER                                   Catrina

Book of Ester

Long suffering:

Patience, forbearance, putting up with stuff.

PATIENT:           WITH A LONG TEMPER, longsuffering,  forbearance, fortitude, patience.

Copped Haaman’s shit for years, months.



Hebrews 10:36.  For you need patience to gain the promised blessings on completing what God wills.


DAY 4        SUNDAY 30TH

Naaman’s servant girl            Jacqui       

2 Kings 5:1-, Luke 4:27

GOODNESS: USEFULNESS,, KINDNESS, gentleness, gracious God shows this to us, so we must reflect that on

 DAY 5        MONDAY 1ST

Daniel                  Michael

GOODNESS       BENEFIT, gracious. well, generosity                      God shows this to us, so we must reflect that on. Moral excellence, virtue, beneficince, Goodness


Piety is base word for kindness or purity. She didn’t want to help him cause he was so awful.

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 31:19  How great is your goodness which You have reserved for those who honour thee.


DAY 6        TUESDAY 2ND

ISAAC                 Jacob

FAITH                 CONVINCE, faithful, fidelity, faithfulness


Mark4:40  And He said to them “Why were you afraid?  Have you still no faith?”


JAIRUS DAUGHTER            Katelyn

Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56 

CENTURIAN’S SON             Joshua                

Luke 7:1-9, Matt 8:5-13

LOVE,                 ?????? affection, benevolence, charity, lovingkindness


John 3:16.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

                            LGD           THURSDAY 4TH         Crowns

Gal 5:22  But1161 the3588 fruit2590 of the3588 Spirit4151 is2076 love,26 joy,5479 peace,1515 longsuffering,3115 gentleness,5544 goodness,19 faith,4102   KJV

MLB love, joy peace forbearance kindness generosity fidelity gentleness selfcontrol

Youngs: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance,

 Coulter: l, j, p, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith

 Bible today: loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, selfcontrolled.

 NAS: l,j,p, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

NIV:  l,j,p, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulnessm, gentleness, selfcontrol

LOVE,            ?????? affection, benevolence, charity, lovingkindness

JOY,                    CHEER cheerfulness, calm delight, calm gladness

PEACE,               JOIN become one, quietness, rest, set at one again

PATIENT:           WITH A LONG TEMPER, longsuffering,  forbearance, fortitude, patience.

KINDNESS                   USEFULNESS, gentleness, God shows this to us, so we must reflect that on. Moral excellence, virtue, beneficince,

GOODNESS       BENEFIT, gracious. well, generosity

FAITH                 CONVINCE, faithful, fidelity, faithfulness


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