We believe:

1.     In the ONE True God, Creator and Omnipresent ruler of all the physical universe and the  spiritual world beyond.

2.     In Jesus Christ, Gods' Son, our Saviour, King and elder brother. He came from God and returned to God as our Mediator. Our Salvation is a free gift through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord, offered to all who believe.

3.     In the power of Godís Holy Spirit to manage and transform His people in the likeness of Christ. We encourage His people to be empowered by His Spirit and to "provoke unto love and good works" by means of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are given to believers to glorify God in this world, to lead mankind to Salvation and for the profit of others. Thus, we present Christ to the world by the way we live.

4.     That the Bible is the Word of God and that "all scripture is given for inspiration, doctrine and correction in righteousness". However, we acknowledge that as mortal human beings we can vary in judgments, interpretations and understanding and that we should not use doctrine to divide peoples. 

5.     That the obedience to God's Law, both recorded in the Old Testament and lived in and expressed through the life of Christ in the New Testament, is an expression of our love for God.  Christians should love God and love their fellow man, for in so doing, they fulfil the Law as Christ stated in His Word.

6.     That full immersion Baptism followed by the Laying On of Hands is a physical expression of our desire to renew our lives through repentance. By the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we commence a partnership with God, our Creator, to begin transforming our lives to His image.

7.    That we should rejoice and worship God on His Annual Holy days and Weekly Sabbath and that these days were given not just to Israel but to all mankind to rejoice in, as they reveal Godís nature and plan. We hold that the ceremony of the New Testament Passover should be celebrated once a year as a memorial of Christís death for our sakes.

8.    That regular fellowship with believers is an integral part of Godís plan for His people to enable them to grow in grace and knowledge and for their mutual support.

9.     That all mankind, regardless of race, colour, gender, or abilities are equal in God's sight. Thus, we believe in equality, love, respect and forgiveness and that our lives should be a genuine expression of Godís character.

10.     That, as part of His overall plan, Christian people will want to care for and  preserve the earth on which we are privileged to live, to the best of our abilities and  means.

11.    That God has many times in the past dramatically intervened in world affairs and is continually intervening in and leading this world to fulfil His divine purpose. We also believe that God will again intervene in a future dramatic and visible way with the return of Christ to establish His Kingdom and Government on this earth. 

12.    That it is Godís great desire is to share His life eternally with all mankind but He wants this to become our desire, without any coercion. As a loving father tends and cares for his children so does God tend and care for us as He leads us to Salvation through His Son and forward to a future that is beyond our wildest imaginations



What the world says about god and concerning gods
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