Sabbatarian Baptist

Bible/Training College.

Lunzu, Malawi.

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Malawi is the fourth poorest country in the world. Malawi is wild and wonderful. Life is different in Malawi.

Disease and poverty. Life is hard, but God is good.

---1899. Jospeh Booth and his wife from the US set up a mission

in Blantyre as a coffee plantation employing 478 workers.

            ---300-400 Church attendance

  ---Plantation closed due to coffee glut Small Church continued.

  ---1910 Booth established several self supporting Churches with

            trained pastors.

History of the Sabbath keepers in Malawi.

      ---Small scattered Churches continued.

     ---Correspondence maintained with SDB'S in US.

     ---1946-local people requested leadership.

     ---Pr Ronald Barrar, son of Pastor Edward Barrar from NZ

         arrives  in 1947.

     ---Help from individuals and Churches in US and England,

         the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

     ---Makawpa station was developed, medical facility-Church.

     ---Bible/Training College established in Chipo.

     ---1953 Pr Barrar went to Us to enlist support.

     ---2 nurses sent with him to help.

     ---Then returned to NZ to set up churches there.

     ---Many other medical/Churches people followed.

     ---Several Pastors kept the work alive.

     ---1989, Pr Ian Ingoe with his wife Trudy, and 3 small

          children, commissioned by Australian conference of

          Seventh day Baptists.

    ---Called as construction missionary.

     ---At this stage there were 31 Churches, 63 branch Churches,

         and 4861 members.

A choosing people--A growing people.

Some of the work carried out.



Church building.


Pastor training.

Minor medical consultations.

Agriculture, Carpentry, Training, Etc.

Little money but they love the Lord.

      ---Many hardships were encountered.

     ---Reaching villages on foot.

    ---Vehicle breakdowns.

     ---Primitive conditions.

     ---Very little food.

     ---Political problems with home.

Building Church buildings,

     ---Focus of community life, Many.

     ---Purposes other than worship.

     ---Process--Church request help.

     ---Sponsor's donate money for roof\app $500 [A]

     ---Villagers make mud bricks.

     ---When all ready, whole community  constructs buildings.

     Projects carried out during Pr Ingoe's time.

     ---Funds came from donations from NZ/OZ, and the UN, and

         cash raised from making mud bricks and

     ---selling them to the UN for their projects.

     ---Constructed 3 medical clinics.

     ---Constructed 3 Pastor houses.

     ---Supplied an ambulance for M'kapua medical station.

     ---Constructed 2 houses and medical cliniv [maternity and

         starving orphans] for a Dutch group.

     ---Supplied a motorbike for an outback group.

     ---Constructed Typhoid quarantine area for Mozambique

        refugees for MSF.

    Out of trouble comes good.

     ---The late 90's saw a division in Central African Conference

        of SDB'S.

     ---Problem's with Holy days, and other doctrines.

     ---Corruption within US backed leadership of conference.

     ---Separation from Churches under US and SA control.

     ---Original Bible/ training college lost.

     ---The late 90's saw a division in the central African conference

       of  SDB's.

     ---Problem with Holy days and doctrine.

Original Seventh Day Baptist.

---From this came a group of Churches known  as the

        original  Seventh Day Baptists.

     ---A new Bible/training college was started at Lunzu just

        outside  of the Blantyre by Pr Ron Barrar.

     ---The principal is Pr Mphandi.

     ---At present, 11 students.

Teaching and equipping future leaders.

---Ave of 12 students per intake.

     ---So many leaders needed.

     ---Students now coming from Zambia, Mozambique, Zaire,  

         Zimbabwe, as well as Malawi.

They love the Lord, and work hard, but they need our help.


---Bible studies.


---vegetable growing.



---Sewing -yes for the men too.

---Basic health.

Original Seventh Day Baptist in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.

---October 13th 2004, Pr Ian Ingoe travelled to Malawi

arriveing at Chileka airport Blantyre,

 ---Visited Pr Ronald Barrar and his wife Maria at Lunzu

         bible/training college, the head quarters of  the original

         Seventh Day Baptists of Malawi.

Lunzu Bible college.

-     ---Ph Mphandi with his wife heads college.

     ---College grows it's own food to feed students.

     ---The college "oversees" app 2000 members +families through  

        20 pastors.

     ---Possible to handle 30 students per year with extra support..

     ---Needs your prayers and support to meet the waiting list.

Annual Conference.

     ---Once a year, all the Pastors and as many as possible of the

        members come to the college for a conference.

     ---Pastors have a retreat  the week before.

     ---NZ/OZ Pastor attends to encourage and help [and check the


Conference of OSDB Zambia, Lunzu college oversees group, provides Pastors, support visits.

Ten Churches.

     ---The main one in Ndola part of Kitwe, others at Solwezi,

        Mushili, Faith Chimwewe, and Mulifiri Churches.

     ---Pr Kapya is the general secretary.

     ---Much need for trained leaders.

     ---Local ladies voluntarily clean the hospitals.

     ---Many Church families have adopted AIDS children.


     ---Pr Chiwab and family are working hard for the Lord.

     ---Perhaps 20 Churches.

     ---A country trying to recover from 20 years of civil war.

Work in Mozambique.

     ---During Pr Ian Ingoe's tenure civil war was taking place in


     ---The mission worked with the Un to construct facilities to house

        and feed refugees who crossed the river to Malawi.

     ---UNHCR gave the mission with some funds to support the

        M'Kapua medical station which was aiding the refugees.

     ---The mission used local labour to produce mud bricks which the

       UN purchased.


Work in Mozambique today.

     ---Hard to know how many Churches still active.

     ---Estimate 300-400 members.

     ---Several requests to train Pastors.

     ---So many opportunities to make a real difference.

The need is great.


---New hostel.

---Kitchen, dining hall, and store rooms.

---Fencing Property.

Water project.

Medical project.

More projects.

---Jandala clinic staff house.

---Uzuma station Maternity clinic.

---Ndirande Church and Pastors house.

---Matawa Church roof.

---20 Churches needing assistance.

Projects are always there.

---The clinic at Jandala.

     ---This needs a building for the medical assistant who will run the


Why this work is special.

     ---Local people are trained to be self sufficient

    ---Still "overseen" for encouragement and to encourage financial


     ---Taught "old fashioned values" of "thou shalt not" so less

        susceptable to STD's and AIDS.




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